Shelby Middle School Teacher Charged with Felony Criminal Charges–Again!!! Shelby Star Scolded for Using Picture Without Permission!! –Report and evaluation by Robert A. Williams

The Shelby Star just reported that a Cleveland County Grand Jury indicted Shelby Middle School Teacher Mindy Morrow with two counts of Felony Embezzlement and one count of misdemeanor larceny regarding Cleveland County School property that Morrow had taken and sold on ebay. Previously the Shelby Police Department had charged Morrow with one felony embezzlement charge and one misdemeanor larceny charge. The Star’s original article included a picture of Mindy Morrow.

However, a comment on the Star’s website article under the mane “Mindy Morrow” stated:

“Mindy Morrow
This is an old news story pushed back into the news. No new events have occurred for you to publish something like this concerning anyone. And you didn’t have permission to have rights to the picture of the person that you posted.”

After this scolding, the Star immediately removed the picture from their website without explanation or apology. I reckon the Star doesn’t like the pictures they take being used by others without payment and they are afraid Morrow will sue them and take them into bankruptcy for using her picture.

Now, for the rest of the story.

For the past several years Mindy Morrow, a Shelby Middle School Teacher had been running a side business selling “Educational” equipment and programs on the internet. By Morrow’s own estimate she had sold around $70,000 worth of this educational stuff. Of course one can guess where this stuff came from. One of the items noted in the Shelby Police Department charge was DVD reproduction equipment.

For this Educational Equipment sales Morrow used her home address and home telephone number, but used her Cleveland County Schools email address.

When some equipment went missing last September or November Morrow was suspected and some electronic equipment that leaves a “tracking signal” was traced to Morrow’s home location. Morrow was allegedly allowed by CCS high level officials to bring back much equipment to CCS and appeared to get away with the embezzlement and CCS was willing to cover up the situation if Morrow would resign. Which she did on December 21, 2015.

But the story had gotten around too much to be successfully covered up by CCS. So, on March 8, 2016, CCS reported to Shelby Police Department that school property was missing and Mindy Morrow was suspected. If you scroll back you will find the articles I wrote and also see the Police Report I obtained from the SPD. Some time later SPD’s investigation indicated there was enough evidence against Morrow and criminal charges were brought against Mindy Morrow. Morrow arrested and placed under a $5,000 Bond.

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