Sex Scandal Arrest at Burns Middle School-UPDATE–

Report by Robert A. Williams

Folks, do you remember the Sex Scandal at Burns Middle School? Science Teacher Caron Elizabeth Blanton allegedly took lewd and naughty pictures and videos of herself and sent them to two students. This resulted in nine felony charges against Blanton and her scowling mugshot, the story and videos have gone around the world-literally. Maybe this will jog your memory.

Maybe this article will jog the memory of the District Attorney’s Office too. Even though the Springmore Elementary School Music Teacher Edward Miller was arrested after Caron Blanton, Miller is now in Central Prison in Raleigh but Caron Blanton is walking the streets free as a bird.

You might ask, Williams, How do you know that? Well, I would say, it was easy. While I was researching the details of the Edward Miller sweetheart plea bargain with the DA, I wondered where the Blanton case stood. So I asked the Clerk of Court staff. They looked it up and informed me that the case was at a dead standstill.

That was not their exact words, that is my interpretation of their words and their records. The Caron Blanton case has no schedule, there is no court date and nobody in the District Attorney’s Office is doing anything. And the newly elected DA, Mike Miller-who claimed to be a prosecutor, is responsible for criminal trial schedules. And this case is just sitting there like the old DA, Rick Shaffer, let the Thurman “Soupy” Price murder of Brenda Sue Brown charge just sit for years until Soupy died of old age. Word on the street is Soupy’s lawyer got Soupy’s house. A forty plus old heinous murder went totally without justice.

The DA’s office is also holding up on the SBI report of potentially fraudulent misuse of Cleveland County School credit cards as well as the Cleveland County Board of Elections criminal allegations against former Shelby City Councilman Andrew Hopper. Hopper was reported by the Shelby Star in a November 11, 2014 that was obviously a racially motivated political scandal aimed at former County Commissioner Willie B. McIntosh, allegedly masterminded by the campaign of rival Commissioner candidate Eddie Holbrook. . (More on this later from information obtained from the BOE under the Freedom of Information Act, which included legal intervention with the BOE by Cleveland County Attorney Bob Yelton.)

My take is Caron Blanton won’t ever get the justice the law requires either. Many think an underage athletic male student who is the “victim” of sexual misconduct from a pretty young unmarried female teacher is not much of a crime anyway. That this “victim” is not a victim at all, that he was just “lucky”. No matter what the law says. That kind of thinking appears to be widely held in the District Attorney’s Office too.

So, the Caron Blanton case is sitting there out of sight and out of mind. Unscheduled and mostly forgotten, especially by the Cleveland County School Board who clearly are dummies in this case. The School Board almost certainly doesn’t want the Blanton case to come to trial, especially in the election year that kicks off right about NOW. And the Board of Education has not spoken one word of assurance that they recognize there are problems with some CCS teachers that place students in danger. Also, The CCS Board of Education has not made even a hint of research into what they can do to protect our children in the first place from criminal sexual activity emanating from Cleveland County Schools. (More on this later too. As a reader of my articles you have probably understood by now that I don’t just report on problems with our government, I offer solutions. And not just the solution of voting the old school board out and voting in a new bunch of Board Members. Even though that is probably the best solution.)

Caron Blanton knows all this because I am sure her lawyer, Daniel Talbert, has told her. There is no need for Caron Blanton to accept any plea bargain from the DA’s office. All she has to do is hold out for a trial and sooner than later the DA will probably dismiss all the charges against Caron Blanton. On the quite I am sure.

And why should the DA not dismiss the charges? By the time a trial would come about, the two underage boys will not be underage anymore. And Caron Blanton’s pics and video will show a pretty young woman. It’s the old “Birds and the Bees” story. There is bound to be some horny old man or men in the jury pool who will say NOT-Guilty, this is not a crime. And that will be that.

Anyway, The Caron Blanton sexual misconduct case is still “officially” active, but there is no court schedule attached to it. If there is further news and we have not died of old age ourselves, we will let you folks know. I advise not holding your collective breaths waiting for DA Mike Miller to try the case. And even if Miller does try the case the Star is unlikely to make a report. Like they did NOT report Ed Miller going to prison. Everything you read about Ed Miller, you have read here on Citizens For Good Government. Keep on coming back if you want to know what is going on in Cleveland County government.

Also folks, remember to run for the office of the Cleveland County School Board and vote a new set of Board members into office on November 3, 2015. that is less that a year ahead so you have time to think it over.

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