Setting the Record Straight Springmore Teacher Sex Scandal

Setting the Record Straight
Springmore Teacher Sex Scandal
By Robert A. Williams

This is a sad situation that has destroyed a family that was once highly touted as “One Big Happy Family.” Go to this link and prepare yourself for what you areĀ  about to hear.

Edward Miller was a music teacher at Springmore Elementary School until he resigned a few days before the April 28, 2014 Cleveland County Board of Education meeting. Ed’s wife Bethany Miller is a teacher at Crest Middle School. Their adopted daughter, Judy (not her real name), is a student at Crest High School. Mr. Miller is the subject of the sex offense investigation and his adopted daughter Judy is the alleged victim in the criminal investigation. Judy was once a student in Mr. Miller’s class at Springmore. Three Cleveland County Schools, Crest High School, Crest Middle School and Springmore Elementary School are associated with this tragic situation as related to me by reliable sources.

The details in general are these. At sometime very recent, Judy went to the School Guidance Counselor at Crest High School and made allegations that she had been sexually abused/molested by her adoptive father (Mr. Miller) in some fashion. The Crest High School Guidance Counselor contacted Bethany Miller (probably an ethical breach by the counselor) at the nearby Crest Middle School and relayed the allegations to Mrs. Miller. Mrs. Miller allegedly called law enforcement. Mr. Miller was not allowed to return home, his mother refused to take him in and Mr. Miller went to stay with his father in South Carolina. Allowing Mr. Miller to go out of state is probably another mistake by Cleveland County Law Enforcement. The same mistake as happened in the Caron Blanton case.

The Shelby Star has reported that the School System had not been contacted and therefore did no investigation of the incident described above. The Star also reported the victim was not a student. These statements by the Shelby Star are false and misleading. The School Guidance Counselor was the first to hear the report from Judy and it was the Guidance Counselor’s responsibility to contact the school administration and to report to the DSS according to NC law. The CCS Board had to have known of this incident by April 28, 2014 at their closed session meeting to discuss a personnel matter. The lack of a School System investigation had to have been sanctioned, perhaps directed, by the CCS Board as it is their typical response to problems is to cover them up. Other portions of the Shelby Star Report are false or misleading, but I will let the reader figure out those inconsistencies with this report as well as their statements regarding the Caron Blanton sex scandal at Burns Middle School.

It is my belief that had I not noticed the inconsistencies in the CCS Board Meeting on April 28, 2014 and published my report so soon thereafter suspecting a pending scandal regarding Springmore Elementary School that this incident may never have seen the light of day. Over the years other incidents such as the one regarding a female teacher, the daughter of a highly regarded political figure in Cleveland County, and a male high school student was completely covered up and never saw the light of day. In that particular case the Sheriff was personally notified of the matter and everyone admitted the incident had taken place. Yet it was covered up so well that the teacher did not have to resign even. She was just shuffled around the school system in Cleveland County.

More recently, note my recent article regarding the teacher at Shelby High School with big breasts who pulls students faces to her breasts saying “you can suck on these if you want to.” That teacher was allowed to resign and the CCS Board approved the action without comment at their April 14, 2014 meeting. I sent this story, twice, to the CCS Board, Superintendent, law enforcement and County Commissioners. As usual, no response from the Cleveland County School system and the Cleveland County Commissioners. I will make a direct call to law enforcement and report back to you what happens.

Folks, this last noted scandal at Shelby High School has not hit the light of day. However, I have already received notification alleging other teachers at Shelby High School are involved in similar offenses. I will forward these allegations in confidence to the CCS Board to make sure they know that bad things may be happening on their watch. We will see what happens there too.

An afterthought on the Shelby Star’s report that two teachers in recent weeks are involved with sexual misconduct. I count three and possibly three more. Bad things are happening at Cleveland County Schools and the CCS Board (except Danny Blanton) refuses to open their eyes.

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