Seeds to Silverware The True Face of Shelby? Observations by Robert A. Williams

If you happen to see the pictures from the “Seeds to Silverware,” a showcase of local culinary and artistic talent in Uptown Shelby in the Shelby Star (or on the Star Online) you don’t need to read the rest of this article. As they say, one picture is worth a thousand words.” The Star Online has a bunch of pictures.

This showcase was actually an event, at 50 bucks a pop (about a day’s take home pay for minimum wage folks), that was supposed to raise money to benefit the Uptown Shelby Association help uptown businesses. The first thing to wonder about is why does the uptown businesses need any help in the first place. They always scarf up on “grant money” to fix up their property, which totally benefits the uptown property owners, which should lower the rent.

Lower the Rent? Reckon that will ever happen? I am supposing many of the uptown properties are owned by those same Shelby slumlords that won’t fix up the rental property they own in the ghettos of Shelby and elsewhere in the peanut factories that are filthy and spread disease. You know who they are and where they are.

But greed is everywhere. Shelby does not have a lock on Greed. Shelby does not have a lock on other things either. Other things like racial segregation. Look at the pictures and see what you see. Better yet, see what you don’t see. No black or Hispanic faces are to be found in the pictures of paying customers. Like I said before, at 50 bucks a pop, po’ folks of any color are not to be found here. The only black or Hispanic faces are found in the picture of the “staff” that are waiting on the white folks.

A Star article a few days before says, “This is a sign of where small town America is going.” My observation is this is where small town Shelby has always been. Shelby big shot Country Club folks throwing a Soirée (A meeting, get- together, or gathering. This word is typically used to describe the old southern plantation owners getting together to throw a party for themselves and show off their fine plantation mansions.). Except, this time it is in Uptown Shelby in the middle of the street-which belongs to everybody. Right between the Arts Council and the Earl Scruggs Center. Bet you won’t ever see the homeless camping out (loitering) there-ever again.

Note that a Soirée is different that a Cotillion. A cotillion is similar but is described as an evening ball or an afternoon dance, the term also is typically used to describe the doings of the rich white folks waited on by the po’ white trash and the darkies.

Is this the “true face” of Shelby and Cleveland County? You decide. Election Day is November 6. Be sure to vote on Election Day-less chance of mischief with the early ballots that are relatively unprotected for days (and nights) at a time. Take somebody with you. Take a bunch. Check out our Voter’s Guide, Print it out and take it with you to the Polls. Don’t let nobody tell you that you can’t.

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