See Rep Tim “Kingfish” Moore Talks-the-Talk By Robert A. Williams

Tim Moore, Kings Mountain native and veteran NC Representative of the 111 District, has been appointed “Kingfish” of the powerful Rules Committee of the NC General Assembly. The official title is “Senior Chairman,” but “Kingfish” better describes Tim Moore’s role in the North Carolina General Assemble. Note that the name “Kingfish” was made famous by actor Tim Moore, who was the “Kingfish” of the Mystic Knights of the Sea Lodge in the TV show “Amos and Andy.”

Our Rep “Kingfish” Moore didn’t waste any time getting on the TV news. And it quickly became obvious that Kingfish has been reading Citizens For Good Government. According to the Kingfish, we have to cut taxes and cut spending too. Kingfish specifically stated that the Department of Health and Human Resources (the DSS bureaucracy in Raleigh) and the Department of Public Instruction (the Education bureaucracy in Raleigh) would see major cuts. Citizens For Good Government has long made this argument-basically because those Departments are the top two spenders in NC government and both are well known to be full of waste. Hey County Commissioners, this is a good place to start cutting in Cleveland County too.

Then Kingfish said he was going after DWIs and vote fraud. Kingfish said requiring a picture ID or a voter registration card to vote only made sense and would not cost anything to implement. Then Kingfish went on to say that voting on Election Day would lessen the “opportunity for mischief” regarding voter fraud. We have been saying that for years and the Kingfish has surely been listening.

So, the Kingfish is talking the right talk. We will watch the Kingfish to make sure he walks the right walk. Then we will report to the citizens. The Kingfish knows that is how it works with Citizens For Good Government. So do Debbie Clary, Mike Hager, Kelly Hastings and our Commissioners Johnny Hutchins, Jason Falls, Ronnie Hawkins, Eddie Holbrook and Mary Accor.

Click Here to see NC District 111 Representative Tim “Kingfish” Moore Talk-The-Talk.

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