Second TownHall Meeting Regarding Schools–Packed House-

Report by Robert A. Williams

The second Townhall meeting put on by School Board Member Danny Blanton was held at the Lawndale-Piedmont Community Center September 23, 2014 at 7 PM. The meeting room was packed with many people standing. An estimate of attendees was 60 or more persons. There were reports of some parents of children at the football practice next door not coming to this meeting for fear they would be fired from their jobs at Cleveland County Schools. One parent spoke at the meeting saying she is a parent first and a School Employee second. If I get fired, I will find another job.

Sheriff Alan Norman, District Attorney Candidate John Bridges, Lawndale Mayor Rick Garver, School Board members Danny Blanton and Donnie Thurman, Jr. were in attendance. No other school board members or elected officials were there.

Former Cleveland County School Board member Doris Davis lead off the meeting with a Prayer, something the present School Board under Chairman Jack Hamrick refuses to do.

Folks, this Townhall Meeting was rocking from start to finish. My words cannot appropriately describe the enthusiasm that rocked the meeting. Near the end of the meeting when Danny Blanton was speaking, there were many “Amens” to what Danny Blanton was saying. Folks, go to and see for yourself. You just gotta see the enthusiasm of the meeting on the recording. After the meeting was over, there were many discussions out on the street. These Townhalls are a must to attend if you are interested in the education of the children of Cleveland County.

Watch the meeting and be prepared for the next Townhall. Discussions are in progress on the next meeting location, time and date. A special website is going to be prepared to advertise and provide news of these meetings. Next time come and see for yourself. Get involved. Consider running for the Cleveland County School Board. There will be five seats open for election next year and the filing period is only about six months or so away. A new slate of Board members to assist Danny Blanton and Donnie Thurman means the problems at CCS can be totally resolved very soon.

People; sign up, run, vote and problems can be solved before Christmas 2015. Stay at home and everything stays the same. In the meantime, get out to vote November 4, 2014 to get the dead wood at the District Attorney’s Office and the County Commissioner’s Office. Stay tuned for more information about that.

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