School Superintendent Selection-NOT most Qualified Protests Planned

Several of the leaders in Cleveland County, self included, are preparing to remind the school board that our community has a voice by offering protest at sporting events (and) school functions just to name a few within legal ramifications . It is our intention to remind the school board members they are the voice of the community. We refuse not to have our voice heard. We expect you to do the right things and give us a chance with change to this school administration.”

Editor’s Note: We agree with this message that change is needed at Cleveland County Schools. It appears that the arrogance of the old-guard school board members, Good Ole Boys as we have called them: Jack Hamrick, Phillip Glover, Jerry Hoyle, Kathy Falls, Shearra Miller and perhaps others may be coming home to roost for the Cleveland County School Board. The next election for five of the current School Board members is next year-2015. Lots of protesting between now and then.

PS: Don’t think the CCS credit card scandal is over now that CCS will have a new superintendent. On the contrary. Things have been simmering on the credit card scandal while the sex and assault scandals have been percolating to our attention.

We have forgotten nothing and my reply to Dr. Boyles, Dr. Fisher and the CCS School Board regarding a letter dated May 16, 2014 pretty much stated so. An appointment set for May 23, 2014 at 9 AM for me to inspect some credit card records was changed to a meeting between Dr. Fisher and myself at that same time to discuss getting those records.

In short, I had found Dr. Boyles slow, devious, confrontational and obstructive regarding my Freedom of Information Act submittals to inspect these credit card records. I found Dr. Fisher willing to listen and perhaps agree to providing information that Dr. Boyles was so bent on not providing. Perhaps Dr. Fisher may be ready for CCS to “fess up” to CCS problems such as the credit card fiasco as a method of moving on and improving the public trust of CCS. If the CCS Board will let him that is. That is my biggest question.

One of my comments to Dr. Fisher was that I am looking at problems at CCS from the political perspective. Dr. Fisher’s name will not be on the School Board Ballot on election day, theirs will. I said my target is not your job or anybody’s job at CCS. My target was the School Board at the ballot box. I told Dr. Fisher that he could tell that to the School Board too. I decided to tell them myself!!! So much for being afraid of the Good Ole Boys!!!

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