School Superintendent Selection-NOT most Qualified Protests Planned

This was a simplistic description of how things could have come down, but didn’t because nobody tried. Everybody but me must still be scared of the Good Ole Boys.

The final vote was 6 Yes votes for Dr. Fisher and 3 votes against. The meeting was adjourned but the fireworks were just beginning. Stay tuned below.

What the NAACP had heard as a rumor a few days before had now come true. They were prepared and called for a “Press Conference” outside on the CCS Central Offices front steps.

Everybody was leaving the Central Offices Auditorium. Most of the School Board left in a hurry out the back door. School employees in the meeting cut a trail to somewhere else. All the folks interested in what was going on, especially the Star Reporter, the Charlotte Channel 9 TV folks, Danny Blanton, the TEA Party folks, Hal Trammell and me along with a bunch of others stuck around to hear what the NAACP had to say.

Cleveland County NAACP President Dante Murphy’s partial Press Release Statement made just minutes after the CCS Board Meeting May 20, 2014 stated as follows: (Bold letters for emphasis in his message.)

“There was little to no transparency during this hiring process. I am ready to hold the board members accountable. I want to go on the record by calling Dr. Fisher to resign and to spare us the agony. The school board needs to look for a new candidate and every city group needs to join in the protest.” (Bold letters for emphasis in his message.)

Rev. Melvin Clark’s gave the main Press Release message and provided me a copy of his written full Press Release Statement made just minutes after the CCS Board Meeting May 20, 2014 is as follows:

“It appears the school board is practicing the same philosophy of hiring, which they have applied in the past-spending money on a consultant. however (then) going with what they have always done and that concept is friends and family. Hiring best fit not most qualified.

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