School Superintendent Selection-NOT most Qualified Protests Planned

School Superintendent Selection-NOT most Qualified
Protests Planned
Reported by Robert A. Williams

By now many of you have seen the school system reports on Charlotte TV stations. You may also have read the many biased reports from the Shelby Star about Cleveland County Schools. The Star has in recent years been paid $200,000 by the school board for reasons unknown and has suffered tremendously from loss of credibility from paying customers in the process who state on the Star blog that they don’t want to pay for bad reporting.

Now folks, get ready for a full and proper report-from start to finish about how the superintendent vacancy came about, how the vacancy was filled and the aftermath. Form your own conclusions. And Remember, the Cleveland County Commissioners and School Board members are elected officials and YOU have the right and obligation to get rid of the rotten apples on election day.

In the meantime, Hold on!!! Things are happening that you will want to know about.

The Background:

Old habits are hard to break in Cleveland County. The old Country Club Good Ole Boy crowd runs things and think they always will. They have their social pecking order and everybody has to go by it. The Good Ole Boys are at the top of the pecking order. Poor whites and blacks are at the bottom. It has been that way for over 100 years in Cleveland County.

If anybody tries to “buck the system” they get termed “uppity” or worse. They get punished too. Punishment today usually means you lose your job or you don’t get promoted. Or, if you are older, your children lose their jobs or don’t get promoted.

Since I have become interested in what goes on within the merged Cleveland County School System I have become convinced the Cleveland County Schools mentality has not improved much in the last 100 years. Especially the School Board. The best and highest paying jobs go to the family and friends of the Good Ole Boys. The children and friends of the Good Ole Boys seem to end up being taught by the best teachers while other children get the less than best teachers.

If anybody complains, they get punished. In regard to my recent articles about the credit card scandals, sex scandals and other scandals at the Cleveland County Schools a number of folks have come forward with information that indicates big problems at CCS. Then they end the report with “please don’t use my name because I have children still in school.” Or “I still have to work there.” Or “My children work in the school system.” There is a big fear from the public that the Good Ole Boys still run Cleveland County Schools and there will be sure punishment to anyone who “tells on” the Good Ole Boys.

Now, fast forward to the school board election of 2011. Danny Blanton had discovered information about misuse of school system credit cards. I attended a Commissioner’s meeting when Danny Blanton came forward with about 500 pages of documents that he said were proof of financial misconduct at CCS. The Commissioners were not interested in what Danny Blanton had to say. Commissioners Jason Falls and Eddie Holbrook, running for election this fall, were among the commissioners that didn’t care. (If you look back in my archives you will find the story I wrote about this incident at the time.) So Danny Blanton runs for the school board and was soundly attacked. Danny Blanton was not elected to the school board in 2011.

Now, the election of 2013 rolls around and Danny Blanton runs again for the school board as well as four other challengers, including Donnie Thurman, Jr. Danny Blanton was again attacked from all directions. But this time around Danny Blanton was more experienced at campaigning and the news of problems at CCS takes hold with the public. This time Danny Blanton wins election to the school Board along with Donnie Thurman, Jr. Two school board incumbents were defeated.

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