School Board Wants to Move-On to New Scandals???

School Board Wants to Move-On to New Scandals???
By Robert A. Williams

The Cleveland County Board of Education had all those Credit Cards out there for years buying 4-wheelers, massages at the Five Star resort in Asheville, trips to Tweetsie Railroad near Boone, tons of groceries that appear to be for family size meals, thousands of dollars at local restaurants, thousands of dollars at the Country Club, jewelry stores, health food stores, thousands of dollars at Lowes and other Hardware stores without any tie to where the materials were going and other such nonsense charges. Over 560,000 charge documents that the School Board refuses to provide or explain in the eighteen plus Freedom of Information Act Requests that have been legally submitted to the CCS School Board.

Instead the School Board hand picks 22 charges and says those charges were OK because the persons making the charges had good intentions even thought the charges were suspicious. The School Board said they were “speaking from the heart” when they were praising how well the Schools were handling all the hurtful allegations about waste, which was not waste according to the School Board. Like how was a massage at the Grove Park Inn in Asheville, at $260 a pop, was a charge the CCS School Board should expect Cleveland County taxpayers to pay without question. The Board wants to put all those credit card and other irresponsible and corrupt procurement processes behind them without the School Board doing anything regarding so much money being siphoned away from classroom and at the expense of our children’s education.

Well, The School Board got their wish (temporarily, that is) when all the Sex Scandals hit the fan in April, 2014 when four teachers resigned within 30 days.

Those teachers are:
1. Caron Blanton-Burns Middle School teacher. Currently under $150,000 bond and charged with 9 felony counts of indecent liberties with a minor and other charges regarding sending lewd materials to minors. This news has traveled around the world. Caron Blanton’s first Court Date is May 14, 2014.  No CCS Board member is likely to attend the Court hearing.

2. Edward Miller-Music teacher at Springmore Elementary. Presently under criminal investigation for sexual charges against a minor. A CCS student reported to be his adopted daughter.

3. Bethany Miller-Crest Middle School teacher. No reports of any specific criminal investigation or charges against Bethany Miller. So why did she resign and have her name deleted from the CCS employee list so quickly? More news is expected in this situation.

4. Jane Doe-Teacher at Shelby High School. This name is being withheld because I am trying to make the CCS do some of their own investigations and be transparent about it. Jane Doe allegedly has big breasts, pulled students faces to her breasts and offered, “you can suck on these if you want to.”

People tell me that this only scratches the surface with sex scandals at Cleveland County Schools. I know this is correct. Historically Cleveland County School Boards have been filled with sex scandal incidents that have been covered up. Sex scandals involving: Board Members with other Board Members, Board Members with Principals, teachers with teachers, teachers with students, male coaches hitting on girl soccer team members and who knows what other combinations. And these incidents are not all from years ago and perhaps are not confined to yesterday. This stuff is still going on. The only thing different now is that when these folks get caught, we are going to report them and let the people know that the School Board is NOT providing the example and oversight that they should be providing so we can get rid of them at the next election. One School Board member, when a Principal, allegedly walked in of a teacher and a student and reportedly actively participated in the cover-up. No wonder the School Board doesn’t want to “know” what is going on and doesn’t want to do anything.

Now, there are new sorts of scandals coming to light and the CCS School Board members are true to form-ignoring the problem. This time I stuck the problem right in their face.

I received the message below a week ago and forwarded it to the CCS School Board, Superintendent and DSS that stated:

Message Body:
I find it interesting that an 8th grader teacher (Cassie Roebuck) at Burns Middle School was arrested and booked for DUI on Dec. 31. She had her children in the car with her when she was arrested. Her mug shot was on the front page of the Shelby star the next day. Every student at that school saw her mug shot and knew about it the next day of school. Yet she was never reprimanded at school (she still works there) and DSS was never called. Wonder if that has anything to do with the fact that her parents are good friends with Bruce Boyles? How many teachers are arrested and STILL work at our schools?

I kept the sender confidential from CCS and DSS as I always keep my sources confidential. My confidential message to CCS and the DSS stated:
I received this message today and am checking into it. Perhaps you should too. CCS records confirm a Cassie Falls Roebuck is presently a CCS teacher at Burns Middle School. CCS Board Member Donnie Thurman, Jr. said on Facebook to “Cassie Falls Roebuck, You are a difference maker.”
I also find it interesting that an alleged DWI arrest with children in the car would not have required a call to DSS. What law enforcement agency would do such a thing?

I sent this message to the CCS and DSS directly and confidential on May 4, 2014 as I wanted CCS and DSS to have the opportunity to check this out themselves. Mostly I wanted to see if CCS and DSS would do anything at all. In the meantime, I would go to the Courthouse and check this out myself.

On May 5, 2014 I received an email from the DSS Director, Karen Ellis, that DSS had received my report and it would be assessed. Everyone should be aware that NC State Law requires that ANYONE who has a suspicion of a child being abused or neglected has the legal requirement to notify the DSS Director in the County in which the child resides. At this point I did not know whether the original message to me was genuine or just a setup, so I was not going to allow myself to get caught up in a setup where I could be prosecuted.

On May 6, 2014 DSS Social Worker, R. Nicole Wilkins, sent me a letter stating that the report would be investigated and I would be notified within 30 days of the results of the investigation. DSS was right on top of this.

Not so with the CCS Board and Superintendent Bruce Boyles. Not a peep from the do-nothing CCS Board. No investigation, no reply, no nothing. True to form, I suppose the CCS Board wants to move forward from this also. It is always the same from the CCS Board. That is every Board Member except for Danny Blanton. Danny Blanton continues to be the only School Board member who cares about all the bad stuff going on in our school system and is trying to do something to make our schools better for educating our children.

Mr. Blanton called and asked about the report on Cassie Falls Roebuck that was sent to him along with all the other School Board members. According to Danny Blanton, he had heard nothing from CCS or any other Board members about this. By this time Hal Trammell and I had gone down to the Courthouse and checked the record. The initial report checked out 100% except for the children. We will let DSS handle that. This is what we found out about Cassie Falls Roebuck, Eighth Grade Language Arts teacher at Burns Middle School

Cassie Falls Roebuck

Cassie Falls Roebuck graduated from NC State in 2003 and has taught in Cleveland County Schools for 11 years-10 years at Burns Middle School. Mrs. Roebuck is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Library Science from East Carolina University according to her information on the Burns Middle School website. Mrs. Roebuck was married in 2003, has two children, two dogs, enjoys traveling, warm weather, the beach and riding 4-wheelers.

Cassie Falls Roebuck’s personal life took a dark turn sometime in the past and finally came crashing down on December 30, 2013 at 10:30pm. Mrs. Roebuck was driving a big 2011 Chevrolet Tahoe SUV North on Highway 18 toward Fallston. It was a Monday night, getting late and Mrs. Roebuck was probably heading toward home. She was near Hendrick Lake Road when she encountered Officer J. H. Smart, III of the North Carolina Highway Patrol. Officer Smart deserves our thanks because the action he took that night may have saved the lives of Mrs. Roebuck and those who were traveling South on NC 18 that night.

Officer Smart reported Cassie Falls Roebuck, defendant, “Drove left of center, Had a very strong odor of an alcoholic beverage on her breath,”…”suffered from slurred speech, had red bloodshot, glassy eyes, red face, loss of balance when walking, swaying when standing. Furthermore, defendant substantially over the center line of a NC Highway presenting a risk, harm and danger to persons, property and self.”

One of the Court documents that required Cassie Falls Roebuck’s signature stated in the signature block that “Defendant was unable to sign.” Another form that required Cassie Falls Roebuck’s signature was signed like this (Below) about 45 minutes after Mrs. Roebuck was taken into custody. I would expect a Language Arts teacher to have a much better signature than this. I have to suspect this is an indication of just how intoxicated Cassie Falls Roebuck really was.


Other portions of the Court file stated Cassie Falls Roebuck “Defendant Refused Intoxilyzer. Search Warrant was obtained to draw blood.” At 12:30AM December 31, 2013, Registered Nurse Pamela Burns drew a blood sample from Cassie Falls Roebuck’s left hand according to the search warrant.

At 02:23 AM December 31, 2013 Cassie Falls Roebuck was signed into detention (jail) for DWI and Reckless Driving-Wanton Disregard. The Bond was set at $5,000.

At 04:03AM Cassie Falls Roebuck was released to Stacy Davis (NCDL 24928499), “a sober, responsible adult (who) has indicated by signing below that he/she is willing and able to assume responsibility for the defendant until the defendant’s physical and mental faculties are no longer impaired.” A Bondsman was paid $500 in cash and Cassie Falls Roebuck was released to Stacy Davis.

My information is Cassie Falls Roebuck never missed a day on the job at Burns Middle School. I know a person is innocent until proven guilty, but the fact that Mrs. Roebuck was charged with DWI and under the circumstances as recorded in her thick court file indicates She has brought Cleveland County Schools into disrepute and the CCS School Board should have set some standards and policies on such circumstances. But again, the CCS School Board refuses to even admit that there is the possibility of a problem. No investigations by the CCS Board means no problems, Right? Wrong!!! Voters should remember that Commissioners Jason Falls and Eddie Holbrook are up for election this year as well as School Board members Jack Hamrick, Shearra Miller, Richard Hooker, Roger Harris and Jerry Hoyle are up for election next year. Changing out officials who refuse to listen to the people should be top on things to do in November 2014 AND 2014.

Also, On January 10, 2014 Judge Larry J. Wilson ordered that Cassie Falls Roebuck be provided with a limited drivers license. Mrs. Roebuck also was assessed by “Wellness Of Shelby” as needing 20 hours of treatment as well as 3AA. I am assuming #AA means three sessions of Alcohol Anonymous meetings. As an aside, “Wellness of Shelby” is a company started by Linda Radeker, who plead guilty to Medicaid Fraud and was sentenced to Federal Prison. Wellness of Shelby as well as other entities had their brochures up at the Clerk of Court’s Office as offering to help people with DWI cases in Court. Many believe, as I do, that companies such as this are created, in part, to take as much cash away from people charged with DWI or drugs in exchange for better treatment in Court. Looking at how intoxicated Cassie Falls Roebuck was and how fast she got limited driving privileges from Judge Puddn’head Wilson tends to reinforce to me that belief.

Cassie Falls Roebuck is scheduled for a court appearance May 20, 2014. I suspect CCS Board members will be somewhere else that day saying they want to move on from such issues at corruption in CCS credit card purchases, sex scandals with students and now this scandal. I am told every day that I am just scratching the surface with just these few scandals that I have discovered. I am coming to believe that is a true statement. But all I can do is make the reports.

The final resolution on each and every problem in Cleveland County Government will require good people running for office and good people voting for the good people that are running for office. And not just voting for the incumbents who put up the big and expensive billboards.

Anyway, a sample of the court documents regarding Cassie Falls Roebuck is included here. For those that want to pray for Mrs. Roebuck and her family, please do. Praying for the Roebuck family does not excuse you from your duty to make sure these kinds of problems are handled appropriately by the School Board and other County officials.

DWI Documents

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