School Board Votes to Pay Black Teachers More Than White Teachers at May 23, 2016 CCS Board Meeting!!!– Report and Evaluation by Robert A. Williams

As we have previously reported, the May 23, 2016 School Board Meeting opened with what is believed to be the first Muslim Prayer ever delivered to a governmental agency in all the history of Cleveland County. This follows by a few meetings when the first Wiccan (Witchcraft) Prayer was delivered to the School Board at one of their 2016 meetings. We reported that too.

But, other things that happened at the May 23, 2016 school board meeting was more strange and controversial than all the Witches spells and Muslim chants all put together. The school board voted to approve a so-called “Diversity Plan” that will pay black teachers more than white teachers.

First, lets get the rest of the school board business out to the way.

The Shelby High School baseball field will be getting “astro-turf” on the infield. The cost of the astro-turf and other improvements will be paid by the American League World Series as part of a “partnership with CCS. Since the payment for the improvements to the Shelby High School baseball field are not paid out of CCS money, CCS apparently feels there is no obligation for any other school to get anything out of the deal. Of course all of this is a devious planned scheme since taxpayer money from the Cleveland County Commissioners is paid to the ALWS who in turn pays for the Shelby High School improvements. Is this money laundering or what? Tax money the Commissioners collect from all of us gets funneled into this private organization which funnels it to Shelby High School and all the other schools gets left out. Where is the “equity” in that? (Remember that word “equity.” You will hear more about that later in another planned scheme from CCS.)

The CCS school board also voted to spend almost $400,000 on cameras for every single one of its yellow school buses. All 172 of them. Every bus will get a camera system that includes five cameras on the inside of the bus with the ability to add three more cameras on the outside of each bus. All this is supposed to monitor bullying on the school buses. No such camera system is installed in any adjoining school systems anyone was aware of. But hey, Cleveland County has plenty of money to spend on cameras. (But no money to spend on auditoriums at Burns and Crest High Schools.) Especially if they are going to spend a million dollars on dirt at the James Love School site where the new North Shelby School Project is supposed to be built. And taxpayers be damned. Kids too.

After the vote Danny Blanton stated that if a bullying problem is found, now we will have to do something about it. A thought crossed my mind that the CCS Board is buying all these cameras to say they are doing something about bullying when they really are not. Maybe the Court Order that requires CCS to protect a student from a bully has sunk in. At least to the point that the CCS Board has to do something. It is also an MO of the school board to spend a ton of money on “something” and then point out that they are committed to doing something about that “something.”

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