School Board Operates in the Twilight Zone!!!–No Prayer, Won’t Follow Their Own Policy (or State Law) and Leave Teachers out of the running for Merit Pay Bonus!!– Report by Robert A. Williams

I have attended almost every School Board Meeting and Workshop for the about three years now. I have a pretty good memory and take good notes. As well as watch the video for every meeting. I have not missed many of the shenanigans pulled by the school board over these years. Big or small. Some they don’t know I know about. But the CCS Board Public Meeting on Monday night September 12, 2016, one of the shortest on record, clearly shows the Cleveland County Board of Education lives right downtown in the Twilight Zone.

First, there was no Prayer to begin the meeting. Christian Ministers in Cleveland County have again fallen down on their job. Especially those who fly the American Flag above the Christian Flag on their Church Flagpole. I wonder what Jesus thinks about that???

Just a bit later the local Chapter of the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) headed up by my old high school mate Eugene Ramsey was recognized for raising over $51,000 for the benefit of disabled children. Mr. Ramsey also took the opportunity to state that the VFW is sponsoring a golf tournament fundraiser for the Police and Sheriff’s Department on September 23, 2016 at Deer Brook Golf Course. The fundraising goal is $20,000 plus. All you golfers should sign up for this. (I made a small donation to this cause later to Mr. Ramsey up at the Old Courthouse at the Cleveland County Christian Law Enforcement Association sponsored Prayer Vigil for SPD Officer Tim Brackeen who had passed away that very day due to wounds inflicted on him in the line of duty the previous Saturday night.)

Next of note was the Public Participation.

Billy Scruggs, in his third trip before the Board regarding a bus stop issue, had done his homework and produced the CCS Policy on School Bus Stops. According to CCS Policy school buses would travel down such roads as Mr. Scruggs lives on if the distance to pick up a child was greater than half a mile. Mr. Scruggs informed the Board that the distance to his house was 8/10 mile. Mr. Scruggs also remarked that this policy had been in effect for 39 years and questioned why CCS was having problems understanding their own policy after all those 39 years. Mr. Scruggs continued by saying the CCS Board was ultimately responsible for seeing to it that CCS Policy was followed. Just at that point CCS Board Chairman Phillip Glover stated “Mr. Scruggs, your time’s up. Thank you.” Obviously Glover was watching his stopwatch instead of paying attention to what was being said. Mr. Scruggs said “I’m not through” as he walked back to his seat. Watch the video.

The next speaker, to my understanding, was Sheri Jones. Ms Jones spoke quickly and not into the microphone. I was about 10 feet away in the meeting and did not understand a word she said. I replayed the video and still did not understand a word she said. Folks, If you take the trouble to speak under Public Participation, speak loud enough for everyone to hear, with or without a microphone. You folks that watch the video, you will notice lots of times you cannot hear what is going on in the meeting. Hopefully the new auditoriums that are talked about for Burns and Crest High Schools will resolve such acoustical problems. IF, and that is a big IF, those auditoriums are ever built. There was not a peep at this meeting about the status of the auditoriums or the status of the new North Shelby School Project that is waaaaaay over budget.

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