School Board Member Advocates Hate, Racism and Forcible Overthrow of Government??? Read and YOU Decide!!! Report and commentary by Robert A. Williams

CCS School Board member Rev. Donnie Thurman, Jr. is known for speaking out. Often talking both sides of the issue at the same time so everybody is confused about what he is really saying. This is the MO of the sort of politician everyone has come to complain about.

On top of that and in the middle of:
1. The killing of a white Shelby Police Officer, Tim Brackeen, by a black hoodlum armed with a cop killer firearm and ammunition that could and did penetrate the bullet proof vest Officer Brackeen was wearing. The killer was aided in his escape to Rhode Island by the black community here in Cleveland County and also in Rhode Island.
2. The death of a black drug user armed with a gun shot by a black Charlotte Police Officer that sparked riots in Charlotte. This spun off another black on black shooting/killing during and in the middle of the riots. Some think the riot shooting was caused by a desire to further agitate the crowd to further incite the riot.
3. A unarmed black man (determined to be unarmed after the fact) was tazered by one white officer about the same time another white female officer shot and killed the man in a random incident in Tulsa Oklahoma. The two officers on the ground as well as other officers in a helicopter overhead were all certain that the black man was going for a weapon.
4. A litany of other killings in Florida, Texas, California, Baltimore where a black man was killed, charges were made and nobody has been convicted.

These are divisive times that try men’s (and women’s) souls. The President came out saying Trayvon Martin, the young black man who attacked and was beating the Hispanic man (George Zimmerman) in Florida “could have been my son.” Well, The killer of Officer Tim Brackeen, Irving Lucien Fenner, Jr. could have been Obama’s son too. And here President Obama as well as Rev. Donnie Thurman are inciting more division and protests that always lead to riots, looting and all sorts of violence, property damage and general mayhem.

And, remember a black man white cop killer is being brought back to jail in Shelby as we speak. He will be charged with 1’st Degree Murder and the death penalty will be sought. The evidence of guilt is overwhelming with just what is known by the public right now. Whisperings amongst law enforcement indicate even more overwhelming evidence will be brought out at the trial.

Historically District Attorney’s try to exclude black jury members in such a trial as this because they tend to find black offenders not guilty, even when the evidence of guilt is overwhelming. In the case of Irving Lucien Fenner, Jr., Fenner is the product of failed DSS systems, failed school systems, failed parents, failed the community-black as well as white and society as a whole. Despite all these failures however, Fenner is ALLEGEDLY the one who had the gun with cop killing ammunition and the one who pulled the trigger. Irving Fenner, not society, must be the one who pays the price for pulling that trigger. As well as all the other crimes Fenner is charged with.

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