School Board Forum at Kings Mountain a Bust– Report by Robert A. Williams

The early morning Candidates Forum held by the Kings Mountain Woman’s Club brought in only 12 to 15 spectators and most of the time was spent with Kings Mountain City elections. The School Board Candidates who attended were only allowed a three minute opening statement and that was the end of that. No questions or anything else was allowed for the fifteen CCS School Board candidates that attended.

Also, the Shelby Star report on this forum did not report on what the candidates stated in their opening statements. A Shelby Star reporter may not have been present at the Kings Mountain forum. The Star changes out reporters so often, nobody would likely recognize them anyway. (We will see what the KM Herald writes about this low turnout forum.) The Star article referred their print readers to their previous internet article asking candidates why they had run for the school board in the first place. One has to wonder why the Star has a print issue in the first place.

The next candidates forum will be held at Cleveland Community College in October. We will get those details to you soon.

Folks, I predicted very early that the political insiders in Cleveland County were going to try to keep the school board race as low key as possible. The purpose being to lull voters to sleep as a low turnout election day would tend to help incumbents win reelection.

Never mind that folks. Stay tuned and we will provide enough information for even the most low information voter to be able to select the candidates for much needed changes at failed Cleveland County Schools.

Like I said, folks stay tuned. We will provide the truth with facts and figures to back it up that will knock your socks off regarding CCS and their wasteful doings and cover-ups.

We will also provide recommendations on the best candidates to set CCS on the right course. That is something the Star will never do.

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