School Board Confirms They Vote On Personnel Reports Without Knowing Anything About What is in the Report !!!–Caught Red-Handed Twice about the Shelby Middle School Theft of CCS Property– Report by Robert A. Williams

I have received comments regarding my original article about the Embezzlement or Theft of equipment at the Shelby Middle School. The comments were that I was full of hot air. That I “slandered” someone in my written article. That I had deprived someone of their constitutional right to free speech and that if I had proof, I should show it.

Well, I think the answer to the last part will put a stop to those kind of silly and stupid comments.

Below is the three page Shelby Police Report dated March 8, 2016 that indicated the CCS employee who made the complaint as well as the suspect in the crime.

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If didn’t like my article, why did she not show up at the CCS School Board tonight and complain to them for filing a false police report? Also “Noneya” (probably a school board member or groupie), check out the School Board meeting minutes that clearly shows the identity of the “suspect” who resigned December 21, 2016. I could have easily included that too, but I am not about to do your legwork for you. And, as far as YOUR free speech, if you don’t like how I do things, set up your own website or go to the Star and have your fill of free speech. I am not about to let you hijack my website with your name calling and clear ignorance of the situation. Why didn’t you go to the Shelby Police for a copy of the police report like I did? And scan it for everyone to see?

As far as the School Board, at tonight’s meeting when the March 14, 2016 personnel report came up as an agenda item, Board member Roger Harris asked the CCS staff “for the resignations on this report tonight, are there any resignations in lieu of terminations?” (Roger Harris and the rest of the CCS Board knew about the previous problems because I sent them a copy of my original article just so the couldn’t deny knowing about it. They are bad about doing that and it makes them mad when I take the ignorance excuse away from them.)

After a long pause in the meeting someone in the staff finally said “No” to Harris’s question. Kathy Falls later popped up saying “the lawyer had sent some information saying they should not discuss the personnel report in public before it was approved.

So there you go. A bunch of know nothing school board members voting on stuff before they know anything about it. I guess you could say the school board has been caught red-handed twice on the same subject-voting for something before they know anything about it. They are about to get caught red-handed again with the fact that they knew nothing when they voted to build the new North Shelby School project on the same property with the James Love Elementary School. That is a story for another article.

Also, I will post another article about the March 14, 2016 School Board meeting and the many other faux pas (blunders) that happened. Some old and some knew. The School Board never seems to learn their lessons.

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