Same Old Sex Crimes, Same Old School Board Members, Same New School Board Members at Cleveland County Schools!!!– Evaluation by Robert A. Williams

Folks in Cleveland County just don’t learn their lessons very well. And the Charlotte TV News reporters can always depend on a scandal coming out of Cleveland County Schools for their news reports.

WCCB TV News was in town Monday evening covering the School Prayer Policy discussion at the November 9, 2015 CCS Board Workshop. While their star reporter Courtney Francisco had the doings of Cleveland County on her mind, Ms. Francisco discovered a new outbreak of the old “sexting” scandal at Burns Middle School. This time it was at Kings Mountain Middle School. But there are other twists and turns to this story.

A Kings Mountain man was featured in WCCB story, his identity hidden to protect his daughter, was telling about a nude picture on Twitter that was alleged to be his under-aged daughter. The story went on with an interview of Capt. Joel Shores stating that distributing pornographic pictures (sexting) of under aged students is a crime. A FELONY crime. Ms. Francisco stressed that the people distributing the pornographic pictures were getting better at hiding their identity on the internet. The news report stated “The Cleveland County School District says it has investigated into this case. It found no evidence that the photos were posted during school hours. It is cooperating with investigators.”

It becomes very clear that the Sexting and Bullying policies at Cleveland County Schools are not worth the paper they are written on. Students are learning how not to get caught instead of not doing the crime. There is more.

When the School District did their secret investigation, all they decided was that the crimes were not being done during school hours. Of course they would say that as they want to wash their hands of all responsibility. That is their MO. What CCS is not saying, but is a fact, CCS is not legally responsible for the actions of the students engaged in distributing pornographic material on their personal cell phones. CCS, by state law are not the students “caregivers,” parents are. All the sexting policy stuff CCS did was to bring on line a new funding stream that is associated with Common Core. That is their MO also. And since the voters put the same crowd back in on election day, you can only expect that the sexting problem will not be solved at school.

But, you can also expect something that you might not have thought about before. The under-aged girls who takes the nude “selfie” pictures of themselves and sends them to her under-aged boyfriend is just as guilty of distributing pornographic material as her boyfriend is when he sends the nude pictures of her to his friends or posts them on Twitter. The man on the TV news report who thinks he is protecting his innocent daughter may end up finding out that he is just protecting another criminal. The man says the pic is not his daughter, but if he has downloaded a pic of any under-aged girl, he could be arrested too.

All this is a mess for a number of reasons. Ignorance of the law is widespread. Blaming the boys and not the girls is a false premise in this day and time. CCS is interested in money coming in instead of protecting all students, boys as well as girls. And parents are providing the means to commit crimes to their children and are not doing their part in the supervision of their children.

When cases finally come to court, many in Cleveland County will be in an uproar. I will probably just say, “I told you so.” Your lack of attention in supervising your children is only matched by your lack of attention in selecting your candidates for the school board at the ballot box. Or just staying home as 50,000 or your fellow registered voters did.

For your convenience, you can view and read the Nov 10, 2015 WCCB TV report by Clicking this link. As I would say, Live, learn and pay attention along the way.

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