Romney Wins BIG in First Debate!! By Robert A. Williams

Editor’s Note:  Folks, you have to watch these debates to see for yourself just how bad the Presidential Policies of President Barack Obama actually are when confronted with the facts from Presidential challenger Mitt Romney.  And before the Liberal Media MIS-reports what actually happened at the debates.

Denver:  Everybody that watched the Presidential Debate Wednesday Night knows that Challenger Mitt Romney won the debate hands down and by a large margin.  Any why not?  There is no good excuse for any sane person to believe that President Obama has done a good job as President.  Just as Romney pointed out to Obama in the debate-“What was the price of a gallon of gas when you took office?

Then, there is ObamaCare, that the Democrats passed without even reading it.  Even the Supreme Court said it was not healthcare, but was a tax.  Otherwise it would have been unconstitutional.  Well duh!  OBamaCare hires an additional 15,000 IFS agens and no more doctors.  Doesn’t that tell you something that you won’t hear from the Liberal Media.

And don’t forget all those big Stimulas tax dollars that went to the big banks, even while Obama says that Romney is the one who is cozy with the big banks.  Then there was the big Stimulas tax dollars that went to energy companies who just happen to make big contributions to Obama’s campaign.  Kinda like Duke Power giving Obama and the Democrats a $10 million line-of-credit for coming to Charlotte for their convention.  Obama and the Democrats spent Duke’s $10 million and another $5 million they still owe to Charlotte businesses.  I don’t know who will pay that $5 million bill, but I am supposing Duke customers (like you and me) will end up paying back the $10 million that Duke “loaned” to Obama and the Democrats.

It goes on and on, but the liberal media is at work right now trying to cover-up for Obama getting his behind kicked in this first debate.  Folks, there are two debates more before the election.  Watch them and decide for yourself who needs to be our next President.  The choice is actually pretty clear.  If you want $5 gas, no job and no likelihood of getting a job-then Vote for Obama.  If you want better than that-Vote for Romney for President.

And be sure to Vote on Election Day, November 6th.  Take someone with you.  Take a bunch.

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