Rev. Donnie Thurman, Jr. Votes Against Prayer!!–Two Infidels Scare Off Almost 600 Christians from School Board Meeting?? — Report, evaluation and analysis by Robert A. Williams

The November 23, 2015 CCS Board Meeting was held at the largest school auditorium in Cleveland County, the Malcolm Brown Auditorium on the Shelby High School Campus. (The old Shelby City School Board built this auditorium but all Cleveland County taxpayers paid for it. While Burns and Crest High Schools continue to do without auditoriums.) The Malcolm Brown Auditorium is reported to be able to hold 1,200 in the audience.

A little short term history.
The CCS Board has been hiding from the “Prayer Issue” since June 9, 2014 when Prayer at the beginning of school board meetings was discussed in a workshop. The Board under Chairman Jack Hamrick decided to “elevate” Prayer from nothing to a moment of silence while the Prayer issue was contemplated. Not a peep was heard from the school board about Prayer until Board Member Donnie Thurman, Jr. scheduled a “Unity Prayer Meeting” on the old Courthouse Square during the 2015 elections early voting when five school board seats were up for grabs. Of course all the incumbent school board members running for re-election showed up at Rev. Thurman’s Unity Prayer event.

What happened next is I wrote several articles about this Unity Prayer Event and the “peculiar” timing of this event to coincide with the 2015 Election to fill five school board offices. Rev. Thurman made several objectionable public comments during official school board meetings where Thurman stated he “questioned the motives” of those who “spoke out” about his Unity Prayer stating that politics was not involved.

Since when does Rev. Thurman, as an elected officer at an official school board meeting, get to question the “motives” of anybody who writes and speaks out against anything regarding CCS? It is the Rev. Donnie Thurman, Jr. who is the politician here. And it is Rev. Donnie Thurman’s motives, actions and voting record that is the duty of every citizen in Cleveland County to question everything Rev. Thurman does, says and acts upon. That’s Politics Rev. Thurman. If you don’t like politics, perhaps you should resign from public office. As for me Rev. Thurman, I will continue to write articles and add my evaluations, analysis and comments as I see fit. When you do something “right,” I will report it. When you mess up, I will report that too. Too bad it has been too much of the latter. For the Rev. Thurman and other School Board members.

(Note that Rev. Thurman, Chairman Phillip Glover and several other CCS board members have made public statements and written letters to the Editor of the Star complaining about how “politics” has kept them from Educating our children. That will be the subject of another article to be released soon.)

Then the Cleveland County Christian Law Enforcement Association (CCCLEA) posted an announcement on Facebook requesting that the CCS school board add a Christian Prayer at the beginning of their board meeting and also invited Christians to come to school board meetings. The first meeting after the CCCLEA announcement was October 12, 2015 and around five hundred Christians showed up demanding Prayer. Over half of those attending were shut out from the meeting room by the Fire Marshal who was alleged to have been secretly called by Chairman Phillip Glover before hand and who removed way more than the fire code required upon a signal from Glover. It was a dirty trick pulled by Glover, who was called down over it. Scroll on back and re-read my article on that meeting.

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