Regarding Corruption in NC DSS, GAL, Lawyers &Judges

To the Editor:

I am writing with great concern about the Cumberland County Department of Social Services.

Mrs. Fennell, D$$-Investigator of CCDSS, embellishes and files a non-secure custody petition Sept 17, 2010 to illegally take my children from my care and custody.  There were also threats to take my unborn child once he was born-my due date was Dec 25, 2010.  On Dec 6, 2010 unknown of my rights; I was coerced and under duress into an agreement to falsely stipulate that I was  “dependant” with the promise that my children would be returned to me the next day and they (CCDSS) would  leave me alone.

The stress of all this DSS harassment resulted in complications with my blood pressure and other things.  My Christmas baby was stillborn on December 29, 2010.  Christian would never have to experience the corruption at CCDSS any more.  The fight was just starting for my other children.

This so-called stipulation was a fraud.  Instead Cumberland County DSS turned it around and made the false stipulation the reason to keep my children in custody. At this time I was not properly explained or informed by a court appointed lawyer what the stipulation meant. Later on I had to fire my court appointed attorney because DSS and MY own attorney mislead me into  this false stipulation.

I soon found out what a stipulation meant-that I was agreeing to the false statements the DSS  were accusing me of.  And that by me stipulating this meant DSS did not have to prove anything, leaves DSS in the clear and me the bad guy legally.  Then, I filed various motions including a motion to rescind my false stipulation, a motion for Discovery and a motion to overturn the phony court order that was based on a false stipulation.

The Judge presiding over my case abused the legal process by not hearing my valid motions for 4 month until the Chief Judge of Cumberland County excused the judge that usually presides over my case that day and a surprising appearance. With Her (Chief Judge Keever) presiding over my case that day October 5, 2011.  It took two requests to get discovery from DSS. The discovery was Complete in November 2011. And it showed “Nothing” but non- substantiated opinions and contradiction from the DSS-Investigator.  The GAL had literally nothing in the file about me; however they were just simply copy and pasting lies from CCDSS.  Till this Day the Judges presiding over my case refuse to see the facts (truth) about all of their illegal rulings.

AS OF 3/7/2012: Judge Edward A Pone improperly dismissed my motions to rescind my false stipulation and to overturn the phony orders that were based on false stipulations.  Pone’s Order of Dismaissal was filed April 9, 2012 and appealed April 20th 2012.   On May 8th 2012 Brenda Reid Jackson, CCDSS Director, and agents (CCDSS) and CCGAL program filed a joint motion to dismiss my appeal and filed an amended motion on May 9th 2012 that was heard in Court on May 23, 2012. CCDSS argument was based from the their statement of “public policy” and NOT based on any law of North Caroilina and “WON”

WOW, this is so obvious that CCD$$ and the CCGAL program are disparate for my case not to leave Cumberland County.

THERE IS NO JUSTICE IN FAYETTEVILLE, CUMBERLAND COUNTY NORTH CAROLINA.”  This seriously bothers me because the laws of North Carolina and the United States Constitution are still on the books and the rule of law gives me the right to justice and to appeal from the unjust rulings.  Excuse me, but DSS policy does not overturn the Constitution and the law.

These Judges prefer to continue with a lie in-stead of FACTS.  And my children are still being held hostage by CCDSS.

The hateful DSS, GAL and the mighty judges in Cumberland County, North Carolina, acting under the “color of law” have taken my children away from me as well as taken all of my legal rights away from me.  If Cumberland County can do it, this can be done anywhere.

Sonja D.

Fayetteville, NC


Editor’s Note:  This mothers full name, address and phone number have been left off as is our policy.


Folks,  do NOT ever, ever, ever sign anything from the DSS and Guardian ad Litem (GAL).  Do not ever, ever stipulate to anything.  This story is repeated all over Cleveland County, North Carolina and the USA everyday.  Stay tuned for more information I am putting together regarding the DSS.

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