Recommendations: Clerk of Court, Coroner, Soil & Water Conservation Supv., Constitutional Amendment by Robert A. Williams

Clerk of Superior Court and Coroner

Leave these two offices blank as there is no opposition for either office.

Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisor

We recommend only Roger Eaker for this office. The reason is simple.  William Walker and Paul Davis are presently serving on this Board and Roger Eaker is not.  The founders of The United States believed that political offices should be changed out on a regular basis and I can’t argue that point with the likes of Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and George Washington.  The Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisor is an unpaid position with a mixture of elected and appointed members.  The work of this Agency is usually low-key and almost never makes the News.  We suspect only a small group of individuals are interested in this important but payless and thankless job.  So, in the interest of not burning any of them out, we would recommend voting for the individual that is presently not on this Board and thanking those that have previously served.

Referendum-Constitutional Amendment

We recommend Voting AGAINST this Constitutional Amendment. First of all, what purpose would this Constitutional Amendment serve?  The Office of Sheriff is an elected office and voters decide who may serve as their Sheriff.  What is wrong with that?  “Nothing” is the answer, even though voters make mistakes on occasion.  Re-electing Sheriff Raymond Hamrick is a good example of that.

In 2002, CGG recommended electing Raymond Hamrick for Sheriff.  Electing Hamrick Sheriff in 2002 was the right thing to do.  Things were different in 2006 so CGG recommended Don Allen for Sheriff.  Not enough people listened and we had four more years of Raymond Hamrick mostly missing in action because of his health.

The political process in Cleveland County and North Carolina is not perfect.  Would such a Constitutional Amendment, advocated by Debbie Clary and Tim Moore, make it any more perfect?  The answer is NO!!!

There are several problems with this Constitutional Amendment.  Not the least of which is, why is it needed in the first place?  The answer to that is any law barring anybody otherwise legally able to run for Sheriff is UN-Constitutional.  These nitwits in Raleigh, headed up by Debbie Clary and Tim Moore, have learned this the hard way.  The retroactive law that was passed to TRY to take gun ownership away from folks in David Morrow’s situation was found UN-Constitutional the first time it hit the Court of Appeals.  Go back and read about Judge Rick Elmore.  So the nitwits decide they will go about this same kind of monkey business in a different way.  They would change the NC Constitution to make an UN-Constitutional law Constitutional.  Just wait until this hits the US Courts and the US Supreme Court hears about this.  Many lawyers will make tons of money over this boondoggle