RATS-The Series Rats Infest Government Offices Stories compiled by Robert A. Williams

Revolutionary War patriots like Patrick Henry, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and many others, despite all the years of propaganda, were not fighting the King of England over Democracy.  They were fighting for freedom from the Kings high taxes and little to no services for those taxes.  It is kind of like the TEA Party (Taxed Enough Already Patriots) of today.  And just like the Tea Party of today is questioning how government and the abuse of their laws continually raise and waste tax money and trying to get rid of the rats that are eating up all the taxpayers money, Patrick Henry of “Give me Liberty or give me Death” fame fairly stated, “I smelt a RAT” when the Constitutional Convention went behind closed doors in 1787 to draft the very first laws governing our country.  Laws that included raising taxes and often spending money to benefit just a few.

Patrick Henry was the first Tea Party Member and luckily not the last.  Over the years Rats get elected to office and have to be trapped and removed.  The following set of articles is dedicated to smelling out the rats in our government today.  Democrat Rats.  Republican Rats.  All the rats.  And guess where we will start?

We will start with the slanted and biased articles in the Shelby Star.  Rat propaganda stories told with the obvious intent to deceive voters.  To turn facts around to make lies look true and the truth made to look like a lie.  Don’t forget folks, Rats spelled backwards is STAR.  We will show you how to read the Rat articles in the Star and figure them out.

Read the articles under this heading as they come!!!  You will see how to determine the truth and you will be glad you did.

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