Publicity Stunt in Store at CCS Board Meeting–Sept 14, 2015!!– Purpose is to Reelect Incumbent School Board Members!!!– Certainly NOT to Tell the Truth !!!– Report by Robert A. Williams

Folks, I can tell the future. The CCS School Board is so predictable that I can say right now what will happen at the Monday Sept. 14, 2015 School Board Meeting. Citizens concerns will be shut out and phony reports that try to show a good light on the do-nothing incumbent School Board members running for re-election will be put out with the purpose of tall tales being told for print in the Shelby Star. It’s an old trick by now but Shearra Miller, Richard Hooker, Jerry Hoyle. Roger Harris and Jo Boggs will be telling half truths, same as lies, for the Star to quote, hoping to be re-elected one more time.

All right Williams, tell us in detail what you are talking about?

Well, thanks for the invite. Sit down and get ready to get mad.

First of all, Remember the Cleveland County Education Foundation mentioned in a long article posted August 27, 2015? Scroll on back, Aug 27th is not far. The article was titled “Who Do You Trust Running for School Board???– Get Rid of Liars, Crooks and Thieves at CCS!!!” The Education Foundation part was on pages 4 and 5. I asked nine questions regarding this foundation. Those questions were:
1. Why won’t valid requests for agenda items be allowed by the CCS Board?
2. Where is the over half million dollars in this foundation located?
3. Who are the private board members that oversee this foundation? And the money? We want to see the minutes of their meetings.
4. Who does this half million dollars belong to? Why are we laying off teacher’s aides with all this money laying around somewhere?
5. Why is this Foundation hidden from public view?
6. Why has this large sum of money been allowed to accumulate?
7. What teachers and students have received monetary awards from this fund and how much?
8. Why is this Foundation not reported on at CCS Board meetings?
9. What about all the other groups under CCS that are listed in MANTA as “Private Entities”” Especially the one Listed as “Cleveland County Schools Maintenance” with Jada Brown listed as the President. Jada Brown is the Child Nutritionist for CCS. She is over the lunchrooms-meals for students, recipes, etc. What credentials does Jada Brown have to be over school maintenance? Fixing broken buses, broken HVAC units, ice machines, refrigeration compressors? How many maintenance items has Jada Brown purchased using her school Credit card? How has CCS validated Jada Brown’s credit card charges for maintenance items are truly used for CCS purposes? Why has the internal auditor been ordered NOT to look at these items? The world wants to know!!!

I also asked the School Board originally for an agenda item (Actually three items regarding this and other issues.) for the August 24, 2015 CCS Board meeting. I was denied on all three items. Like I said before, scroll on back and read the referenced article noted above. Answers to my valid and reasonable questions have not been provided.

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