Prayer Report!!!– School Board Invocation-January 25, 2016??–And More Report and Evaluation by Robert A. Williams

But there is more to that last idea. Perhaps there are environmental situations that cause birth defects in children that cause the need for a NSS in the first place. An old leaking gasoline tank from a “filling station” torn down long ago that has contaminated well water? A residential development built on top of an old cotton field where too much insecticides was used on the boll weevils? Overlooked lead water pipes like in Flint, Michigan? Lead paint in older houses and buildings? Radon? Too many hormones used in livestock feed? Down wind from a coal burning power plant? Mothers who smoked or drank when pregnant? Mothers who unknowingly took harmful medication? Something that is still unknown, still undiscovered? Why would a look at the distribution of instances of birth defect disabilities across the county not be done to determine if there is a cluster of problems that are not random, but is caused by a something that could be corrected? Why not look for common factors that might be corrected in the future? Isn’t it better to find the cure than compensate for the illness? Why not do this? It is all because the CCS Board doesn’t want to listen to the people!!! Just what does the CCS Board and CCS have to hide??? And how short-sighted were the voters who put this short sighted crowd back into office for a continued majority on the CCS School Board? Especially short sighted are the 50,000 registered voters who stayed home on election day 2015. Shame on all of you!!!

Well, back again to the School Board meeting:

The CCS Board next discussed some CCS Board Policies that needed updates. Some policies no longer agree by laws that have changed. Others need changing so the Board can keep doing what they please. Danny Blanton commented that the Board often does not follow their own policies.

Then the discussion continued to Graham Elementary School where some selected classes have gone year round. According to CCS, some students forget over the summer what they learned during the regular school year and year round classes and programs would help with that situation. Danny Blanton asked if there would be any additional costs for these year round classes. Blanton was told that there could be a cost savings because some summer programs might not be needed now. Folks, I have never heard of a government program that is no longer needed. Bureaucracies never shrink on their own. They always spend all the money they get and ask for more next year. The bureaucracies at CCS have never been any different-except they grow bigger and faster than most others. Usually wasting money at a faster pace too. My thoughts were this may be an expanding summer baby sitting service disguised as an “enhanced learning experience.”

The CCS Board majority appeared to favor continuing the year round classes even if it cost more (especially Thurmond and Falls) at Graham Elementary School, and expanding them. It was decided more info would be put together for a vote at the next CCS Board meeting.

Folks, Sometimes the things that happen at CCS is unbelievable. Go to the video on the CCS website and see for yourself. Better yet, come to school board meetings and see for yourself. Especially if you think the school board will listen to what you have to say. But don’t come complaining to me if you were one of the 50,000 voters that stayed home on election day. All I have to say to you is, I told you so!!!

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