Prayer Report!!!– School Board Invocation-January 25, 2016??–And More Report and Evaluation by Robert A. Williams

Click HERE for an example of a lesson on how to Pray a Christian Prayer. Note that according to this guidance, saying “In Jesus Name we Pray” at the ending of a Prayer is absolutely necessary for a Christian Prayer.

My conclusion is Cleveland County citizens have fought hard for this foothold to be able to bring Christian Prayer back on School Property in some manner. We should not back peddle one bit in this effort, but continue to bring Prayers that are fully resurrect Christian Prayer back from the Dead, just like Jesus. Of course, the Witchcraft, Pagans and other Godless creatures will soon have their chance to deliver an Invocation for the CCS Board per the CCS Prayer Policy. Why would we not be prepared for this.

Christians must not deliver luke-warm Prayers when we have our chance to speak. The United States is a Christian Nation since it’s founding. Only recently have Christians been subdued into accepting anti-Christian rhetoric by the media and others and anti-Christian rulings from the US Supreme Court. The time for Christians to focus on the moral standards of Cleveland County, North Carolina and the USA is NOW, not later.

Please note that this discussion of Ms Briscoe’s Prayer is meant to be a constructive critique for the purpose of encouraging citizens of Cleveland County to develop Prayers that meet the Biblical requirements to be heard and to be answered by our Heavenly Father. And for Christian to stand up for what is right in our daily lives and in our governmental processes-at every level.

Back to the School Board meeting. Uuhhh, “Workshop” I mean.

After the Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance, the School Board heard a presentation from architect Roger Holland and CCS Superintendent Fisher regarding the new North Shelby School (NSS) Project. Holland presented a PowerPoint description and update for the NSS project. Fisher added notes and other discussion.

During this NSS Project discussion, it was once stated that a meeting with public participation was held and later it was stated that the public had not been invited to participated as the school board input for the project was wanted first. From the parents in attendance in spite of a late notice, who were not allowed to speak a word, it was obvious that parents and the public wanted to participate in the necessary attributes required for such a facility as NSS. Danny Blanton also stated that he had at least 50 telephone calls that very day from parents and the public asking about this meeting and when it was to be held. But, no parent or member of the public was allowed to speak or even offer suggestions during this CCS Board workshop. One has to wonder where the CCS Board does get it’s input and opinion. Mark Twain once said “show me where a man gets his pone and I will show you where he gets his ‘pinion.” Just saying.

Also, from statements made by Superintendent Fisher and Board Chairman Glover, certain CCS staff and Board members have made trips outside the district to inspect other schools and facilities in regard to the NSS project while other board members were apparently not invited or provided with trip reports and inspection reports that should have been made by those that did make the inspections. This kind of secret and probably illegal doings by the “secret faction” on the school board has been under my microscope for some time and appears to be the MO for the CCS Board. I have filed a Freedom of Information Act and Public Records request for all records that were made (or should have been made) by those CCS staff and Board travelling outside the district to inspect facilities that might have an impact on the $10 million NSS Project. I also requested information regarding who has applied to deliver Invocations for the CCS Board meetings.

This public records request information will be provided to you all when it is received from CCS. Or, it will be reported that CCS has not provided this information.

It is a shame that the CCS Board refuses to allow ideas and communications from the public. For instance, the location of the new NSS. Chairman Glover wants the school to be located in the Shelby District since, according to Glover, that is in the center. I thought that since the merger over 15 years ago, there was no Shelby District, or county District or Kings Mountain District. I thought we were all equal. Take a look at the Shelby High School Baseball field or the Malcolm Brown Auditorium and you will quickly see we are NOT all equal. That is probably one big reason CCS doesn’t want any discussion. On anything.

But there are serious problems and issues that are not being talked about. Maybe the so called “Shelby District” is NOT the center of those that are in need of the services of a school such as North Shelby. If I had been allowed to speak, I would have suggested that CCS locate the NSS Project by determining the addresses of those students that need the special services and find the center of that distribution. While, at the same time look for causative factors for that need.

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