POWER CORRUPTS-The Senator Debbie Clary Story: Part I Debbie Clary Files Criminal Charge Against David Morrow Corruption is as Corruption Does…paraphrasing Forrest Gump Compiled by Robert A. Williams


Lord Acton (1834-1902), British historian is credited with saying “”Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.”  Women might also fit that description in today’s world.  But novelist George Orwell in his novel, Animal House, may have described the “power corrupts” situation here in Cleveland County a little better than most:  “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others”.

For example, the first sign of corruption in the novel Animal House is that the farmyard pigs took all the milk and apples for themselves.  By the way, these pigs, in the end, walked on two feet and were just as enslaving as the human farmers they replaced when they came into power over the other animals.  But, save this “power corrupts” thought for a while and Read On!

Senator Debbie Clary has been the “Queen Bee” in Cleveland County and the CC Republican Party politics since way before this century.  A much younger Debbie Clary ran for the NC House with the promise of term limits and then forgot that promise the first second she was elected.  Debbie’s radio broadcasting business was foreclosed on for lack of making payments according to the Shelby Star and Debbie took to “Raleigh Politics” full time.  Debbie moved up to NC Senator in 2008 and this election year the Democrats didn’t even run a candidate against Debbie.  Senator Clary is the highest-ranking elected official in the whole of Government actually residing in Cleveland County.  Debbie Clary is at the front end of all State money coming to Cleveland County.  And she knows it.  And most other folks know it too.  You don’t cross Debbie Clary or you will pay a high price.  Ask David Morrow if you don’t believe me.

According to the Shelby Star, Debbie Clary has a “blood feud” going against David Morrow.  When David Morrow filed to run for Sheriff, Debbie was said to be incensed about Morrow’s filing for Sheriff and put former Sheriff Candidate Don Allen up to running against David Morrow in the 2010 Republican Primary Election.  Then Debbie threw her political weight around in the Republican Primary to help Don beat David.  Perhaps that should have been enough to suit Debbie’s blood feud, but remember power corrupts.  Debbie doesn’t have absolute power yet, but she has enough power to pull some strings if she has a mind to.

The story the Star forgot to print:

First, the Shelby Police Department Incident Report. (Picked up at the Shelby PD October 13, 2010.)

Victim-Name:                        Debbie Clary

Victim-Address:                    300 North Salisbury Street

Raleigh, NC 27603

Victim-Home Phone:            919-715-3038

Victim-DOB:                          08/29/1959, age 51

Victim-Employer:                  State Senator

Property Seized:                   Weapon-Other, value $1

Others involved:                     Blank

Witnesses:                             Blank

Suspect:                                 David Morrow.

So, right from the git-go Debbie Clary is establishing to the Shelby Police that she is a powerful person who lives in the General Assembly Building in Raleigh.  (If Debbie actually lives in the General Assembly Building in Raleigh, how is it that she allegedly “resides in and represents” Cleveland and Rutherford Counties?)  And all the while the Shelby Police surely understands that SENATOR Debbie Clary also has a lot of control over their paychecks, their boss’ paycheck and every paycheck in the Judicial System in Cleveland County and NC.  Save that thought.  Also save the thought that the Incident Report did not identify any witness that actually saw anything that allegedly transpired.

The Incident Report Narrative states (exactly): “On 5-10-2010 at 20:28 hrs. I (JCH) was dispatched to the Cleveland Administrative Building located at 311 E. Marion Street with reference to an assault that had already occurred.  Upon my arrival I noticed several individuals standing outside of the Administration Building but just outside the door.  I spoke to most of the individuals standing outside and then was asked to step inside by Senator Debbie Ann Clary.  I stepped inside and Senator Clary proceeded to tell me that she was assaulted while attending the monthly Republican meeting.  Senator Clary stated she was assaulted by David Morrow when he threw at least a dozen pens at her while two struck her in the face.  Further investigation will be done and a supplement by this officer to follow with the information on several witnesses and more details regarding the incident.”

When I asked the SPD for this follow-up information, I was informed that this was all the information that was available to the public from the SPD.  I asked how the Shelby Star was able to report from “Police Reports” when no more information was available to the public.  I was told the Star must have talked to individual officers who told them things.  I was thinking, “This must be the same kind of police work that the Charlotte Police did that caused Judge Forrest Don Bridges to rule that the killer of two Charlotte cops could not be tried as a capital criminal.  i.e.-No Death Penalty.    Already the paper trail against the Charge against David Morrow appeared weak.  “What about the report that I had that Debbie Clary had first assaulted David Morrow with the pens by dropping them on Morrow’s head and stating ‘Don’t start no S*#* with me, David Morrow!’?”  The SPD admitted hearing about that Clary statement and her dropping pens in Morrows lap, not his head.  I was also told to check the files at the Clerk of Court for any additional information.  Stay tuned to Part II for that.

Now let’s discuss the Incident Report information that was provided to me piecemeal by various sources that stated they were there and had seen everything.  This is what I have piece d together…just like a thousand-piece jigsaw puzzle:  First, the timeline story, with the totally incontrovertible facts of the matter mixed in along the way, and then the conclusion.  Read on

The regularly-scheduled Republican Party monthly meetings used to be held at IHOP.  Don’t know if IHOP kicked them out, but the CCGOP website says to call now for meeting locations as they may vary.  The May 10, 2010 meeting was held in the County Building on Marion Street.  Joe Coletti from the John Locke Foundation was the guest speaker and the PUBLIC was invited.  As usual, the Republicans didn’t advertise their meeting very much.  Maybe for fear that someone from the PUBLIC might actually show up.  There is no indication that members of the PUBLIC actually attended this May 10th meeting.

But, what has never been reported accurately is right before this May 10th meeting the Republican Executive Directors (you have to pay $100 to be a Director) were meeting to discuss “High Treason” within the Republican Party.  Removal of a high Party official from office because of “Party Disloyalty” was the topic of discussion.  From what I hear, the discussion was “hot” and it was in regard to the Sheriff’s race and one of Debbie Clary’s handpicked favorites.

Wayne King was elected, supposedly elected, after the 2006 Election as Chairman of the Cleveland County Republican Party.  Wayne King’s claim to fame was he worked on Debbie Clary’s campaign and was loyal to Debbie and the “Old Guard” Republicans who had overseen the Republican election disaster in 2006.  Every office had a good Republican candidate and every candidate lost except for Debbie Clary and Tim Moore.  At the next Party Chairman Election, lots of Republicans stayed home because they knew a takeover of the party was ready to happen.  Little did they know the election was already fixed.  I was in attendance that night and I was watching the process very closely.  Wayne King was declared the winner.  I thought, “Oh well.”  Then I asked for the vote count results and my request was denied.  Ruth Wilson, the Republican Member on the Cleveland County Board of Elections refused to tell me the results of the election.  Only that Wayne King had won.  Can you imagine an election without counting and reporting the votes?  Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Nikita Khrushchev, Fidel Castro and other dictators would have been proud of the Cleveland County Republican Party and their vote-counting techniques.  Wayne King also personally refused to provide me with the vote count when I asked him for it at the next Republican Party meeting.

So, Debbie Clary’s handpicked favorite was declared the Chairman of the CC Republican Party.  Later, Wayne King went up the ladder to Chairman of the District 10 Republicans as backed by Debbie Clary and Patrick McHenry.

Debbie also went up the political ladder from State Representative to State Senator.  In her higher position of power, Debbie apparently resented someone (David Morrow) who does not bow down to her wishes having the nerve to run for Sheriff.  The record is clear that Debbie funded Don Allen’s filing fee to run for Sheriff against David Morrow in the Republican Primary.  With Ruth Wilson in charge of counting the votes, Don Allen won the primary election but has not put much effort at all in running against Alan Norman.  So, why doesn’t Debbie Clary help Don’s campaign for Sheriff against Alan Norman?  Read ON!!!

Remember Wayne King and his loyalty to Debbie Clary?  Wayne would never do anything controversial without asking Debbie first for permission.  So, why was Wayne King up for removal from the Republican Party due to “Party Disloyalty” at the Republican Executive meeting May 10, 2010?  Sources say Wayne King had “attended” a fundraiser for Democrat candidate for Sheriff, Alan Norman.  Since there were hundreds of witnesses and no denials, this allegation must be true.  Article VII, Paragraph 7 of the Republican Plan of Organization is clear.  For such an offense, removal of Wayne King as a Republican Party official is demanded.

Well, Wayne King was NOT removed from his Republican Party offices on May 10, 2010.  It is apparent that Debbie Clary must have lent her influence for the Republicans to go against their own rules.  It is also apparent from Debbie Clary’s lack of “enthusiasm” on the Don Allen for Sheriff Campaign that top Republican-Debbie Clary actually supports Alan Norman for Sheriff as other sources have reported all along.  It is totally apparent that Debbie Clary is set on getting her way and will not tolerate anything but absolute subservience from all those that she lords over.

Then, Debbie Clary goes upstairs on May 10, 2010 to the regular Republican Meeting with the as usual lack of public attendance.  And David Morrow’s string of bad luck is about to begin.

The speaker for the Republican Meeting on May 10th is Joe Coletti as noted before.  Joe is speaking on the problems that “Obama care” will bring to NC.  During the program, some paperwork is passed around to be filled out, along with a bundle of pens.  The bundle reaches David Morrow, who is sitting at the end of the row.  No one is directly behind David.  There are a few empty seats and then there is Debbie Clary.

David probably figures he is NOT Debbie Clary’s delivery boy and Debbie Clary ain’t about to get up and go to David Morrow.  So, David tosses the package into the empty seat beside Debbie and turns around to listen to the program.  Most of us would probably do exactly the same thing.  Only thing is, Debbie Clary is the Queen Bee and not bowing to the Queen Bee is an unacceptable show of disrespect.  So Debbie picks up the package of paper and pens and drops them on David’s head, (or lap, according to the Shelby PD.  This “fact” depends on who is doing the telling.  Debbie says “Don’t you start no S*#* with me, David Morrow!”  David picks up everything and tosses them back at Debbie, turns back around to the program, which never missed a lick.  Then David Morrow and his wife, who was also hit by the initial rain-off of pens delivered to her husband’s head, go home and forget about the whole silly episode.

Debbie Clary and her entourage don’t leave after the program.  Debbie has technically “assaulted” David Morrow and “things” have to be sorted out.  Debbie has legal advice available right on the spot.  Attorney Tim Moore is there.  The Republicans support Debbie and Debbie allows the Republicans to support Tim also.  You have to figure Tim is on Debbie’s side and would offer legal advice on the spot.  What happens next is an all too clear legal strategy to protect Debbie Clary from the possibility of a criminal charge.

That strategy is to take out a warrant on David Morrow before David Morrow could possibly take out a warrant on Debbie.  But first, Debbie must go through the process and call the Shelby PD and get an Incident Report on record.  So, the Shelby PD is called and the Incident Report previously reported is made.  All the steps to take out a warrant on David Morrow before he might take a warrant out on Debbie Clary are taken.  Once that first warrant is taken out, the Magistrate will not take out a so-called “cross warrant.”   Debbie’s little criminal shenanigan is covered up and, from this point forward, the Shelby Star falls right in on the story.

Of course, when the Democrat District Attorney, Richard Leroy Shaffer, gets hold of the charges, he plays it safe.  He sends them to the Grand Jury, who would indict a ham and cheese sandwich if the paperwork is set before them.  Bear in mind Shaffer is up for re-election and the Republicans could run somebody against him if they wanted to.  Shaffer goes with felony charges against David Morrow and the Republicans don’t run anybody for DA.  (Hey folks, you decide for yourselves about that. This story is already complicated enough.)

As for David Morrow, felony charges, no matter how frivolous or corrupt, require a lawyer.  For such an obvious political charge a Cleveland County attorney won’t do.  Attorney fees of $15,000 to $25,000 would be required to try such a case.  Remember how Wayne King’s vote count was set up and rigged?  Perhaps a jury could be rigged too.  David Morrow faced the possibility of spending $25,000 on lawyers and still being convicted.  Even if Morrow won, Clary would not have had to spend a dime out of her pocket (remember, we taxpayers pay the DA) and Morrow is out $25 grand.  So, accepting a plea bargain of a $150 fine and not going to any more Republican meetings for a year made financial sense to Morrow as it would to you and me.

So, here is the conclusion:  Power Corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.  That statement means that people with power will end up using it – they might start out using their powers for the good of others, but eventually they end up using it just because they can. Absolute power, wielded by the likes of Hitler, Stalin or Kim Jong-Il, leads to making political decisions based on your personal opinions, and that is when you have tyrants and dictators.  Having power over people allows the ruler to gain special privileges. First, he will gain access to special things. For example, the first sign of corruption in the novel Animal House is that the pigs took all the milk and apple for themselves.

In our case, Debbie Clary is the longest-running and highest-ranking Government official in Cleveland County.  This despite the fact that unemployment and taxes have gone up and business has gone down during her “reign”.  Debbie is the biggest political fish in Cleveland County’s small political pond.  Debbie seems to have turned into a piranha who can eat you up whenever she wants to.

Editor’s Note:  George Orwell wrote Animal House as a satire at the beginning of the Russian Revolution and the formation of the Soviet Union.  Oh, how the Russian peasants were fooled into thinking they would gain so much by overthrowing the Czar… just like the animals in Animal House were fooled by the pigs.  Think about who is fooling us here in Cleveland County.  USSR Premier Nikita Khrushchev once told President Kennedy that “we (a communist dictatorship) will bury you.”  With political leadership like we have in Shelby, Raleigh and Washing DC, ol’ Khrushchev may be right sooner than we think.

Editor’s Note Part II:  There has been no indication from the “Alan Norman Campaign for Sheriff” that a Debbie Clary endorsement is claimed or admitted.

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