Potential E-Coli Contamination at Fairgrounds??? Public Safety Hazard Reported by Robert A. Williams

Remember the E-Coli outbreak at the Cleveland County Fair in 2012 that resulted in many sicknesses and at least one death? The blame was put on people petting goats at the petting zoo and not properly washing their hands afterward. However, Sources report that some of the victims of the Fair related E-Coli sickness never visited the petting zoo. So, if the original source of the E-Coli was from the goats or other animals, the contamination was transmitted to most other parts of the Fair.

After the E-Coli outbreak at the Fair, remember the prank at Burns High School where the prankster (who was caught and never identified by the school) let loose a bunch of goats on the Football Field. The Burns High School Football Field was shut down by Cleveland County Health Officials for the rest of the season and beyond as a precaution against another outbreak of E-Coli. Sources report that standard protocol for potential E-Coli contamination is to “quarantine” the potentially contaminated property from human contact for six months.

Remember that E-Coli is a bacterium commonly found in the intestines of humans and other animals, where it usually causes no harm. Some strains can cause severe food poisoning, especially in old people and children.

Sources report that a “Goat Show” was held last weekend (Father’s Day weekend) at the Cleveland County Fairgrounds and that at least 400 goats were there, many more that were found on the Burns High School Football Field. If any of those goats did a number two over that weekend, the Fairgrounds is now contaminated with goat poop and E-Coli bacterium. Sources also say that the toilets at the Fair were filthy, trash was not properly collected and emptied and there were no facilities for cleaning shoes or boots that had happened to step into goat poop. Therefore, goat poop was spread all over the Fairgrounds, along with E-Coli bacterium from one end to another.

If you count the standard quarantine period to isolate humans from E-Coli contamination from last weekend: you will find that the E-Coli potential contamination at the Fair will not disinfect itself away in time for this year’s Fair. Thousand of people will be potentially contaminated by “active” E-Coli at the 2016 Cleveland County FAIR.

Now, the Fair is broke and has asked the Cleveland County Commissioners for a loan of $250,000 loan so they can open the Cleveland County Fair this year–2016. The loan was approved (4-1, Commissioner Ronnie Hawkins voted No.) by the Commissioners at their June 21, 2016 Commissioner’s Meeting with little discussion in the public meeting. Now, taxpayer’s money is underwriting the Fair and may take a loss as well as some of the legal responsibility for any problems due to mismanagement or poor judgements regarding neglectful actions of the secret Cleveland County Fair, Incorporated group.

So, there you know all I know about the potential health risk of attending the Cleveland County Fair. Go to the Fair at your own risk!!! But in the meantime, call your Commissioners. Commissioners Johnny Hutchins, Susan Allen and Ronnie Hawkins are running for re-election this year. Or come to the next Commissioner meeting on July 19, 2016 at 6 pm. and ask your commissioners what are they doing to protect you and your family from health hazards in Cleveland County and at the Fair. That is their job.

In the meantime, stand by for my investigative report on the Cleveland County Fair, how $600,000 to $1.3 Million in cash the Fair group reportedly had had in their accounts recently but has now apparently went missing and why Commissioners are doing what they are doing to “loan” the Fair such a large sum of money and refuse to make similar “loans” to citizens. This article is not the end of the 2016 Fair story, it is the beginning and was just published now to inform the public of a potential health hazard at the Fair a few months away. Hopefully the Commissioners and the Fair Board will see to it that all citizens that take the risk of attending the Cleveland County are as safe and sound as possible.

Stay Tuned!!!

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