Political Crime Part II The Rest of the Story!! Letter to the CGG Transcribed by Robert A. Williams

Mr. Williams,

You were only half right about Nicole Chapman.  Nicole ain’t no kin to a high politician that can get her off “free as a bird” like the other woman teacher you wrote about.  What Nicole done was bad, but can you remember when somebody gets caught so fast and charged so much and nobody got hurt except her husband’s pride.

You have been the victim yourself of Cleveland County “justice.”  Remember when the Sheriff’s Department sent out deputies to find you and lock you up because you had made one of the Department employees mad?  It was over your involvement with a bogus “Will” that lawyer Charlie Horn cooked up.  That was twenty years ago, but do you remember those deputies?

If you can remember back that far, you can figure out which Deputy is the uncle of Nicole Chapman’s husband and what his pull is now.  Then you will know why Nicole Chapman is being prosecuted so bad.  People at the Court House look after their own.  They always have.  They always will.

Anonymous Caller

Editor’s Note: This “letter” was written from an anonymous caller.  The fact is I do remember what happened years ago and who was involved.  I smelled a “rat” in the Nicole Chapman story from the start.  The way the Star kept running the same story over and over and making a big deal of Nicole Chapman when they had knowledge of the cover-up for the politically connected woman.  Same as the Star runs down David Morrow, me and just a few others that the “in-Crowd” doesn’t like.

There was something “special” about the Nicole Chapman arrest and news coverage, white female teacher hooked up with the black male student, how the School Board forced her to resign so quickly, quick arrest, no lawyer, full news coverage etc.  But, I didn’t figure out the whole story until this anonymous call came in.  Nicole Chapman was not “kin” to any politicians that could “pull strings” to get her off and cover it up.  However, Nicole was married to someone who WAS kin to a Court House insider who could do her in.  When the Deputy scratches the DA’s back, the DA scratches the Deputy’s back.  Shelby Police, Shelby Star and judges included.  And that is all it takes at the Cleveland County Law Enforcement Center.  Nicole Chapman will be locked up for a long time.  She will probably be picked clean by the time she gets out of jail.

Editors Note Part II: Did you see the latest news where this 28 year old white woman from Casar was arrested and held in Lincoln County jail for two counts of indecent liberties with a male child under 13 years of age?  Her bond in Lincoln County is $25,000.  Nicole Chapman’s bond in Cleveland County was $75,000.  We have the same prosecuting DA (Richard Leroy Shaffer, Jr.) as Lincoln County.  Why was Nicole Chapman;s bond three times higher for what appears to be a lesser crime?  Nicole Chapman’s “lover” was 19 and says he is NOT a victim.  So does the boy’s mother.

How much more proof do you need about “justice” in Cleveland County?  If you are politically connected you get off free as a bird.  When you are not politically connected you get charged.  When you are not politically connected and you P. O. someone who IS politically connected, you get charged three times as bad.  I rest my case.