Political Crime North High School Teacher Arrested for Sex with a Student –Inside Story by Robert A. Williams

By now most have heard that a female North High School teacher, Nicole Chapman, resigned from her teaching job and was then arrested for the felony crime of a teacher having sexual relations with a male student.  According to the law, there are no age difference requirements for making this charge.  Nicole Chapman faces ten years in prison for this offense.

OK, Williams, you say.  What is political about this crime?  The connection is easy.  Nicole Chapman has NO political connection with the Cleveland County Board of Elections and her Daddy ain’t a big-time politician and elected official in Cleveland County.  So, Nicole Chapman gets charged with the felony crime and the female teacher at Crest High School who got caught having an affair with a male student is free as a bird.  Not only that, the un-indicted teacher with high political connections was counting your votes in the 2010 Primary Election in Cleveland County.

If you don’t believe me, go ask Sheriff Raymond Hamrick about that letter I passed along to him with all the details.  Maybe Sheriff Hamrick will pass this information along to Alan Norman before he fires Norman for Norman’s political crime of beating Hamrick in the Primary Election.  Hey, ask DA Richard Shaffer about the Crest teacher too.  Oh, better wait a while before asking DA Shaffer.  Leroy is busy working up another political crime against David Morrow and can’t be bothered right now with prosecuting real crimes in Cleveland County.

Also, about the un-indicted female Crest teacher.  She resigned from Crest when things got pretty hot and before her daddy fixed it for her.  But last I heard, she went on to teach at Cleveland Community College before she went in to counting votes for the Board of Elections.  We can all sleep well knowing that people like Nicole Chapman got charged because she didn’t have political connections.  And people like David Morrow will get trumped-up charges because he made people with political connections mad at him.  We will all probably sleep better knowing that we have a loaded 38 under our pillow for when the druggies break in on us.  That is likely to be the only way real crimes get solved and prosecuted in Cleveland County.