Plaintiff in Federal Lawsuit Against Cleveland County DSS is Target of Smear Campaign by County Officials!!!– Report by Robert A. Williams

Rev. Dante Murphy, past President of the Cleveland County NAACP, Pastor of the Shiloh Baptist Church. past employee of the Cleveland County DSS has filed a lawsuit in Federal Court alleging promotional discrimination at DSS due to his race, gender, Religious (Preaching) involvement, political involvement and getting his name in various newspapers. Sources say Rev. Murphy has also filed a formal grievance with the Cleveland County Manager, Jeff Richardson, alleging retaliation for his resigning at DSS and for filing the Federal Lawsuit, as he has a constitutional right to do. Scroll back a few articles for that story as well as a full copy of the Federal Lawsuit. I have filed a formal request to the Cleveland County Commissioners for a copy of the grievance and related document under the Freedom of Information Act and North Carolina Public Records laws. The county has acknowledged receipt of my FOIA request but has not provided any documents to date.

Now, as is the M.O. of Cleveland County (in)justice, Rev. Murphy is the target of harassment and smear by county officials. Sources say Allison Mauney, the County Human Resources Department Director, in an illegal manner has tried to intercept Mr. Murphy’s grievance by trying to set up a meeting between Rev. Murphy and the HR Director prior to the grievance getting to Richardson. But even more egregious action by Ms. Mauney involves an effort to imply that Rev. Murphy had improperly taken county property that must be returned to the county before he can obtain his personal items from his former work area at DSS.

Sources say that property allegedly taken by Rev. Murphy included an ID Badge, a set of keys that were never issued to Rev. Murphy and a phone charger that Rev. Murphy left at his desk, along with the ID Badge and a flip phone.

Sources say Rev. Murphy had originally notified DSS of where he had left these items-at his desk at DSS, yet it was implied that Rev. Murphy had taken county owned property and could not retrieve his personal items unless he returned the items noted. Rev. Murphy notified Mauney and perhaps others of where these items were, at his desk at DSS and were never taken. Yet, Mauney replied and “verified” that the items had been “returned” despite the fact that the items were never taken in the first place.

Such stupidity over “chickens–t” items as this are clearly an attempt to “muddy the water” in the Federal Lawsuit and grievance at the county level. I do not believe that Allison Mauney is this stupid and these actions must have been directed to her from a higher level.

This is typical of the way Cleveland County tries to cover up their mess in situations such as this. When a valid complaint is made, they attack the person making the complaint with trivial (and in this case false) allegations of wrong doing by the person making the complaint. It’s an adaptation of the old saying that this is what the complaint says and this is the what the supervisor says, “so the truth must be somewhere in the middle.” The county feeds this scenario to the Shelby Star who will make sure that the county is described as doing the right thing and the other person is just a complainer. In this case that scenario just ain’t so. Rev. Murphy is too smart for the idiots he was working for and he catches them at every wrong turn that they make.

But, the county apparently never learns. Despite the silly story in the Star today that County Attorney and Speaker of the House Tim Moore has paid around $22,000 to a New York lawyer to prepare a libel lawsuit against an unnamed news entity for an alleged false story that is not disclosed, Attorney Tim Moore is advised to do his business representing the Cleveland County Commissioners and demand that these shenanigans within Cleveland County government and their agencies be stopped immediately by the Commissioners. Otherwise taxpayers may find themselves paying out big money when a Federal Judge hears about these shenanigans and comes down hard on Cleveland County.

Editor’s Note: I have personally thanked Representative and Speaker of the House Tim Moore several times for taking the lead in defending North Carolina regarding the ridiculous stuff put out by the gay rights agenda nitwits. I give credit where credit is due. But, Tim Moore, in his representation of the County Commissioners and their agencies, has accomplished little to bring them to legal and ethical behavior. Tim, as your constituent, please work a little harder on that!!!

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