Partial Birth Abortion–Hell is waiting for abortion supporters!!!– By: Robert A. Williams

abortion_tissue Murder is when you kill a person. So when is a baby a person? Just after the baby is born, completely clearing the birth canal, says the law. So according to the law, you can kill a baby from the moment of conception until the baby’s body, from head to toe, has completely cleared the mother’s birth canal and is completely outside the mother’s body. Once the baby is completely outside the mother’s body, killing it is murder. So let’s get this straight from the start. Partial Birth Abortion was invented more by lawyers than by doctors.

Details. There is no medical reason to justify partial birth abortion. Both the unborn baby and mother are healthy and the birth will be a natural vaginal childbirth. During the labor of childbirth, the mother’s vagina dilates until the baby’s head emerges from the mother’s birth canal. Then the baby’s shoulders. Things are moving fast now. The hardest part is done. Just another push or two and a new baby is born. Only seconds to go and another human life and soul blesses this earth.

But the doctor of death is ready too. Just as the baby’s head and shoulders emerge enough; a sharp instrument is quickly inserted at the base of the bay’s skull. The baby’s tiny spinal cord is severed stopping the little heart and insuring no first breath will ever be experienced by this tiny life that will never be. To make sure the baby dies, a suction device is inserted into the baby’s head and sucks out the baby’s still functioning brain. The last push of the mother’s labor delivers a lifeless piece of flesh and bone, which is thrown into a garbage bag for disposal.

If the baby is a little too quick or Dr. Death is a little too slow, and the baby completely enters this world, and possibly already breathing, so what. Dr. Death can still do his thing and the law does nothing. Even when the whole baby killing procedure goes wrong and the baby still survives, but is handicapped, the law still does nothing as the liberal judges through out any cases that are brought. You might say, baby killing is the perfect crime. Kill the baby, call it abortion, and nobody is punished except the Pro Life folks.

Lawyers and Pro Choice advocates say the actions described in this article are legal and are based on a woman’s right to choose. Pro Life advocates and the majority of the United States Congress voted to make these actions illegal. President Bill Clinton once vetoed the law and enough democrats voted with (Bill) Clinton to prevent a two thirds over ride of his veto. Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton says she will protect the “woman’s right to choose” baby killing if she is elected President, even appointing Supreme Court Justices to carry out her mandate (as well as take our guns) if she is elected President.

Now that you know how gruesome and unnecessary for the mother’s health Partial Birth Abortion is, Where do you stand on this issue? Al Gore supports Partial Birth Abortion. The United Way helps pay for Partial Birth Abortions. George W. Bush tried to outlaw it but the Democrats blocked it. Barack Obama not only supports Partial Birth Abortion, he and his fellow Democrats have even supported (with taxpayer funding) the Planned Parenthood crowd not only to provide abortions, but to sell baby body parts. Donald Trump is against it abortion. Now Hillary Clinton is defending Partial Birth Abortion. Let YOUR conscience be YOUR guide when YOU mark YOUR ballot on Election Day.

Furthermore, I would think God is watching all of this and figures anybody voting for Hillary Clinton for President needs to go to Hell, along with Hillary, Bill, Al and Barack. Same for people who stay home on Election Day, instead of going out to vote to make a difference.

And, what is the “Difference???” you ask. A simple question gets a simple answer. The difference is Heaven or Hell. God lets YOU make YOUR choice, right there in the voting booth. It takes a real dummy to purposely chose Hell. It takes an even bigger dummy to believe all the lies told by Hillary and still vote yourself into Hell.

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