Over Half Million Dollars of Contributions Intended for Schools Not Going to Schools !!!–CCS Won’t tell where the Money Went to Or Who Has It !!!– Discovery and Report by: Robert A. Williams

Editor’s Note: Notice that the title ends with exclamation points, not questions marks. It is a fact documented on IRS Form 990 (2013) that over $572,000 donated to the Cleveland County Schools Educational Foundation headed up by former CCS Board member Dr. George Litton has not been used to benefit Cleveland County Schools as intended. Dr. Litton, The CCS Educational Foundation Board Members, CCS Board of Education members-including incumbent CCS Board Members running for re-election will not disclose where this money is or where it was invested, or if the money has been paid out to the Foundation Board members as loans which may never be repaid or some other deceptive accounting for where this money went to.

Please be sure to be sitting down when you read this article. Also, remember the CCS Credit Card scandal has never been resolved by the same CCS Board members who are now involved with running for re-election. Neither has the CCS teacher sex scandals mentioned below resulted in any effective methods of screening sex offenders out of CCS prior to hiring them.

Also, I read some time ago in the Financial Section of the Charlotte Observer a statement from Mr. John Lane which stated; “When I was doing investigations I had a number of clients for whom I did pre-employment background investigations. My thoughts were, If someone will lie, they will steal. Seldom did that prove to be wrong.” I use that same line of reasoning when I am doing investigations for my articles. This article is about the Cleveland County Schools Educational Foundation and how large sums of donated money have NOT gone to benefit CCS as intended by the donors. I will lay out the facts, provide documents, etc. and let you decide who is lying and who may be stealing.

First, let’s establish an MO for covering up by the CCS school Board. Remember the CCS credit card scandal that was the talk of the county before the CCS sex scandals broke out? The credit card scandal where over 200 school credit cards, P-Cards as they were called, bought everything from personal massages at the expensive Grove Park Inn resort in Asheville (the resort where CCS still spends tons of money sending several dozens of staff persons at a time for so-called “training” sessions) to tires for personal vehicles. I remember seeing one credit card receipt for over $50,000. CCS processes for monitoring credit card spending were “loose” to say the least.

Then, the State Auditor’s Report, although limited, still found wrongdoing that was never properly punished. Even the SBI Report was held in the District Attorney’s Office without action or disclosure. An independent auditor found no problems with CCS accounting because no “problem” financial information was sent to the auditors-the books were “cooked.” Then amongst Freedom of Information Act requests were made by several people, including myself, which refused to let the issue go away without resolution. Then CCS Superintendent Bruce Boyles gives a presentation to the full CCS board showing only 22 credit card charges (charges hand-picked by incumbent CCS Board member Roger Harris-presently running for reelection), out of over 500,000 credit card charges. According to Superintendent Boyles, perhaps some minor mistakes were made, but everybody had “good intentions.” The CCS Board simply closed the books on the scandal without even hearing from those who asked for the reports in the first place and had discovered very serious problems with waste and potential fraud that was never allowed to be publicly brought before the CCS Board. The CCS Board then hired an internal auditor with secret, but direct orders to never look at any credit card records from the past.

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