November 2010 Judicial Recommendations by Robert A. Williams

NC Supreme Court Associate Justice

We recommend Barbara Jackson for this office. It is “liberal activist” vs. “the-law-means-what-it-says conservative” Judges.  When conservative judges make their rulings, justice is done and people are happy.  When activist judges make their ruling, only the lawyers are happy. It is your choice. VOTE FOR JACKSON!!!

Court of Appeals Judge

Steelman is an incumbent without opposition.  He’s doing a good job too.  But, remember our philosophy—if only one person is running for office, LEAVE BLANK!!!

Court of Appeals JudgeWe recommend Ann Marie Calabria for this office. Calabria is an incumbent conservative and is doing a good job.  Jane Gray once advised NC Speaker of the House, Jim Black.  Black was convicted and sent to jail for bribery.  VOTE CALABRIA!!!

Court of Appeals JudgeWe recommend Rick Elmore for this office. Steven Walker is conservative and young.  He will make a good judge when his time comes.  Rick Elmore is an incumbent conservative and is doing a good job.  Rick Elmore believes the Constitution means what the Constitution says and laws that violate the Constitution are unconstitutional.  Rick Elmore does more than just say this.  This is how Rick Elmore makes his rulings.  VOTE FOR RICK ELMORE!!!

But there is more to this saga and part of it comes straight from Cleveland County.

Remember all the mess about David Morrow not being able to carry a gun, that a Sheriff should be able to carry a gun and that the ability to bear arms should be a qualification for the Office of Sheriff?  Remember that there is a Constitutional Amendment on the second page of this Ballot asking for the Constitution to be changed so Tim Moore and Debbie Clary can keep David Morrow from running for Sheriff?  Well, the reason Tim and Debbie want this Constitutional Amendment is that Judge Rick Elmore ruled that their Ex Post Facto Law (also unconstitutional in the US Constitution) that says David Morrow couldn’t carry a gun was unconstitutional in the first place.  Bet you never read that in the Shelby Star; most likely you never will either.

But it’s a fact.  It’s also a fact that Tim and Debbie have worked hard in this blood feud against David Morrow instead of working hard on getting jobs and education into Cleveland County.  Remember to Vote AGAINST Tim and Debbie’s Constitutional Amendment, which they are endorsing for vindictive purposes only.

Court of Appeals Judge We Recommend Dean Poirier for this office.  Remember, activist vs. conservative Judge.  Now you have the picture.  Poirier is conservative and we need conservative judges.  Please vote for DEAN POIRIER!!!

Cleveland County Judges
Once again Cleveland County Judges running without opposition.  Our philosophy:
Leave Blank!!!
Leave Blank!!!
Leave Blank!!!