NOTICE: BBQ at Sandy Plains Baptist Church Sept. 6

By Robert A. Williams

The BBQ Dinner fundraiser at Sandy Plains Baptist Church is held every year on the Saturday after Labor Day. This year this will be on September 6th. The profits from the BBQ dinner help fund missions sponsored by the Church and I have made it a point to go and eat BBQ at the Church every year. I recommend this event to everyone who wants to continue the Christian tradition of spreading the Word of Salvation that seems to be attacked from all directions in recent years, especially from the Star who has vigorously supported the “gay rights” event sponsored by the Episcopal Church of the Redeemer in Shelby.

I also attended last years event that the Star reported 100 cases of illness that allegedly came from eating food at the event. The Star was relentless in their day in and day out reports of the illnesses that to this day, one year later, have not been conclusively proved that any specific food caused the illnesses although the Star states the illnesses certainly came from the Sandy Plains BBQ event. (If it can’t be proved to have come from any particular food, how can it be proved that the illnesses actually came from the Sandy Plains event?) Now the Star has started again with their reports of the illnesses that nobody can truly pin on any particular food at the Sandy Plains BBQ event.

Well, as for me, I can definitely say that I ate BBQ pork, BBQ chicken, BBQ slaw, hushpuppies and maybe a few French Fries. I drank some unsweetened ice tea. That was my first round. Then I turned around and ate the same things, in lesser portions, all over again for desert. I was well filled with the foods that were prepared by the Church BBQ cooking staff and I never felt the first twinge of sickness or illness from the event. I urge every person to come out the Sandy Plains Baptist Church and enjoy themselves the same as I have enjoyed myself there for many years running. If you can’t stay, then come pick up a “to go plate.” You will be glad you did.

Also, this is an Election Year and candidates for elected offices are sure to attend. Come out and tell the candidates to quit their wasteful spending and secret conniving ways. Your presence will also be telling the Great Satan’s that run the media in and around Cleveland County that you are a Christian and you support Sandy Plains Baptist Church in what they are doing. If you are a gay rights activist (or any other sinner like the rest of us) you will be welcome to come out and eat BBQ like everybody else. But I don’t expect you to find any converts from the folks that read the King James translation of the Holy Bible.

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