New Insights into Sales Tax Increases Going to Shelby!!! Always thinking, Bill Gray Speaks Out!! Real Unemployment Rate in Cleveland County 17.4%!!! Posted by Robert A. Williams, with occasional comments

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Opportunity Zones?
Is this where the new proposed tax increase will go?

Just a note, I am not against local government building a vibrant city. My concern is that Cleveland County is being strongly enticed to participate in what I believe is an agenda that is driven by the United Nation Sustainable Development Agenda.

The Isothermal Planning & Development Commission ( NGO ) is the vehicle that delivers this agenda to our Elected Officials. Maybe the reason our Elected Officials can’t share more information, is they don’t know yet!

Editor’s Note: If these so-called “elected Officials” don’t know precisely what they will be raising taxes FOR, then why are they asking the people to raise taxes??

From what I have learned and believe, it amounts to nothing but a resource grab. All the resources will ultimately belong to the elites. There is nothing that can be done, until we the uninformed, uninvolved and uninvited gullible Citizens wake up. Our Representatives (School Board included) implement the directives they are given. With saying that, I believe the tax increase will be used for the Shelby Opportunity Zone.

Isothermal Planning & Development Commission

Editor’s Note: Go to the link above for the real numbers of unemployed in Cleveland County. 39,617 are employed out of 47,942 workers in the Cleveland County workforce. This equals 8,325 CC residents are unemployed. 8,325 divided by 47,942 equals a true unemployment rate of 17.4%. If you take away the number of jobs that are outside of Cleveland County, probably 25-30 thousand that county residents commute to, as well as those jobs inside Cleveland County that are filled by workers from outside of Cleveland County; that unemployed rate is much higher. Especially if you consider that there are 79,720 working age people in Cleveland County and the workforce is only 47,932. Where are those missing 32,000 people. A full 33% of the citizens of Cleveland County that are working age, but not working and not counted in any unemployment statistic. All in this time of record financial and economic l prosperity??

It looks to me that outside and inside ( if you have it ) money is going to double the size of destination uptown Shelby. They the people ( Isothermal Planning ) will take care of this for the ( city builders) whether We The People of Cleveland County, want it or not ? What happened to local government??

I have been trying to get my head around this Opportunity Zone thing for some time now. The first opportunity I see is for the wealthy folks to make themselves more wealthy. It provides a dark hole to throw their capital gains in and wash them good and they return more green. It is also good for ( city builders ) because, they have access to all the green in the hole. In a recent post a gentleman stated that we should be headed for Charlotte as fast as we can, instead of bicycling to Earl. The Opportunity Zone that ( city builders ) acquired from the U.S. Treasury, is headed in that direction. The way I understand it, they ( city builders ) will have the freedom to do whatever they like with the zone. I believe it will be something to attract cyclist from around the world, a casino, a theme park, but more likely very upscale housing and shopping, with lots of Smart City High Tech toys. The only opportunity for us ( inhabitants ) may someday be to bail, this experiment out, even if it takes our property in property tax forfeiture. Maybe that is part of the plan?

Ooh, I almost forgot, it will connect to the $ 13,000,000 bicycle path.

(Shelby) City Builders motto, ‘ Metropolis or Broke ‘

End of Bill Grays great comment.

Editor’s Note: I think Bill Gray is on to something. Thank you, Bill Gray, for sharing your thoughts and research with the rest of us. Citizens, let us know what YOU think.

Stay tuned folks. We ain’t through discovering the truth, until we discover it all. Perhaps that is what the corruption in Cleveland County is so afraid of.

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