NC Supreme Court Associate Justice Race


Evaluation, Recommendations and commentary by Robert A. Williams

Robin Hudson is presently an Associate Justice on the NC Supreme Court. She is one of the reasons the NC General Assembly decided to hold the 2012 referendum regarding gay marriage. When the vote was overwhelming (80% in Cleveland County) the legislature made it into an amendment to the NC Constitution banning same sex marriage. This was the only way to keep judges like Robin Hudson from ruling unconstitutional what the majority of citizens supported. Now it appears the people will have to require an amendment to the US Constitution to repeal the rulings of the other “fair” judges (as supporters of gay marriage call them) in Federal Courts have made. We believe the laws that are passed by the peoples representatives should be followed by judges just as much as anyone else. Robin Hudson has got to go.

Eric Levinson has been a District Court Judge, a Superior Court Judge and has served on the Court of Appeals. In 2007 President Bush appointed Levinson as a Judicial Attache to Iraq to help straighten out the injustices in that ciountry. When Obama took over as President all of the progress in Iraq was squandered. Levinson is known as a judge who follows the law instead of his own agenda. However, I had occasion to Court Watch while Levinson was the presiding superior court judge in Shelby in a lawsuit against DSS. Levinson made his ruling in favor of DSS and I believe his ruling was appealed. Normally I would totally eliminate a judge who made such rulings, but Levinson’s other rulings indicate he is surely more conservative than Robin Hudson.

Therefore, We recommend holding your nose and Vote for Eric Levinson for NC Supreme Court Associate Justice on Election Day. Take someone with you to vote.

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