NC State Senate District 46 Recommendation by Robert A. Williams

NC State Senate District 46

We recommend leaving this slot blank.  Debbie Clary has no opposition this year and voters have no choice in this office for another two years.  This time around, the Democrats have been pleased enough with Debbie that they decided not to spend any money on running a candidate against her.  Debbie seems to be Democrat enough for the Dems.  She also seems to be able to raise plenty of campaign cash for herself and to spread around a little to knock David Morrow out of the Sheriff’s Primary Election race, ensuring a Democrat will win the Sheriff’s Office.

2012 will be different though.  Debbie’s support, after starting a blood feud in the Republican Party over Debbie’s felony charges against David Morrow, has also killed Don Allen’s chances in the Sheriff’s race as well as ensuring Democrats will run someone against Debbie next election.

Hey, it took almost 90 years into the Twentieth Century for Cleveland County to elect a Republican to the State House.  When the smoke clears from Debbie’s doings, it might be 90 more years for Cleveland County conservative Republicans to get somebody back in Raleigh.  Hey Republicans, when you snooze-you lose!!!

Remember to leave Debbie Clary’s oval blank and then move on down the ballot.