NC March 15, 2016 Primary Election Scorecard– Trump Wins Big On Super Tuesday II !!!– Report By Robert A. Williams

The five states who held their Primary Elections on March 15th (North Carolina, Illinois, Missouri, Ohio and Florida) were called the Super Tuesday II races in the 2016 primary races. Republican Donald Trump won four of the five, including North Carolina. John Kasich won his home state of Ohio. Hillary Clinton pretty much won the Democrat Primary in Cleveland County

If you scroll on back you will see that we recommended Donald Trump for president in the Republican Primary. We also urged voters to disregard all the Bull-ony about violence that Donald Trump was supposed to be causing. Now, we urge all voters to disregard all this Bull-ony about a brokered Republican convention and how the party insiders will somehow rob Donald Trump of the nomination. This is more Bull-ony on top of the Hokum certain Republicans have been espousing ever since Trump filed to run for President of the United States. We in Cleveland County did our part to make a change in Washington in this Republican Primary Election, even though 40,000 voters stayed home on March 15.

Also, Incumbent NC Senator Richard Burr and NC Governor Pat McCrory also won big in the Republican Primary on 2016, As well as Buck Newton for Attorney General, Steve Troxler as Agriculture Commissioner, Michael LaPaglia as Secretary of State and Mark Johnson as the NC Superintendent 0f Public Instruction.

We recommended all these seven winning candidates out of the nine offices on the ballot. That is an almost 80% rating. Thank you Cleveland County for following our recommendations in the Republican Primary. Too bad you were not paying attention to the Commissioner’s race and the $2 Billion Bond fiasco. But don’t worry, you will be paying for that for a long time. We only make studied recommendations on what is good for Cleveland County, NC and the USA. If voters don’t pay full attention, that is on them.

We didn’t fare so well with our Democrat Primary Recommendations. It becomes more difficult year after year to understand the mind of a Democrat. Besides Democrats supporting gun control, killing babies and wanting to take money away from people who work to pay those that don’t work, Democrats don’t have much use for truth, reason and logical thinking either. Cleveland County Democrats voted for Hillary Clinton, a well known liar and scofflaw; who might well be indicted for crimes except for the protection of the White House over Bernie Sanders, a socialist, but a more truthful socialist than Hillary.

In our Democrat Primary, our Cleveland County Score was a little less that 50% in both the Cleveland County and State results. However, two races, the Attorney General and the Commissioner of Labor the Cleveland County results and the State results flip flopped between Cleveland County and State winners as did our recommendations. It appears Cleveland County black voters supported the black candidates for those two races and the state totals went for the white candidates. In those races I recommended one black candidate and one white candidate. Perhaps I was more fair, reasonable and logical than the typical Cleveland County Democrat.

Now, back to the Trump controversy. The Republican establishment appears set on stealing the nomination for President away from Donald Trump. Voters on November 8, 2016 can remedy that situation. If Trump bolts the Republican Party, vote for Trump as a third party candidate. If the nomination is stolen from Trump and he does not bolt the Republican Party, write in Donald J. Trump for President on the November Ballot. If Trump wins the Nomination, Then vote for Trump for President. Enough of us do that and Donald Trump will become our next President, no mater what the Republican and Democrat Party moneybag insiders try to pull of.

Voters can put a stop to this mess. But only if they get off their butts and get out to vote on Election Day-November 8, 2016. (The Elections in November are always held the first Tuesday after the first Monday-remember that. As well as bring your picture ID.)

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