NC DSS Kills Four Babies By Robert A. Williams

Within the past several years four babies (that I am aware of)  have been murdered while supposedly under the “protection” of DSS.

There was 2 year old Jeremiah Swafford in Cleveland County who was brutally murdered by severe blows to the head and abdomen.  The death blows were obvious as Jeremiah lay in his casket-blood still oozing.  Cleveland County DSS and Sheriff’s Department had prior notice of abuse to Jeremiah and did nothing.  Jeremiah’s mother and stepfather are in Cleveland County Jail facing First Degree Murder charges.  They don’t have much fear of the (in)Justice system in Cleveland County. ADA Bill Young offered them both a plea bargain down to second degree murder at greatly reduced jail time, but they both turned down the plea bargain.  There are no indications Cleveland County DSS ever levied any discipline on the Social workers who did not protect Jeremiah.  No discipline on the investigating deputy either and newly elected Sheriff Alan Norman kept him on at the same job.

There was 9 year old Zahra Baker in Catawba Counties who was prostituted out, brutally raped, murdered, her body thrown into an industrial shredder and body parts scattered to hide the crime.  Zahra’s head was never found.  Child abuse had been reported to the both Caldwell and Catawba County DSS who did nothing.  Zahra’s stepmother and others are charged with murder.  There are no indications Caldwell and Catawba County DSS ever levied any discipline on the Social workers who did not protect Zahra.

There was 5-year old Shaniya Davis in Cumberland County who was prostituted out, raped, killed and her body hidden when her mother allegedly pimped her out to get some drug money.  Child abuse reports had been made to the Cumberland County DSS who did nothing.  That is until Police asked for reports about DSS involvement with the child and were refused.  The SBI was called in.  Not for DSS’s role in the murder but for not giving the District Attorney all their documents.  Most DA’s would not have asked for records that showed DSS incompetence in the first place. The Chairman of the DSS Board of Directors resigned because he couldn’t get the rest of the DSS Board to do anything.  The mother, Antoinette Davis, has been charged with human trafficking, felony child abuse, Prostitution, filing a false police report, and resist,delay and obstruct.  There are no indications Cumberland County DSS ever levied any discipline on the Social workers who did not protect Shaniya or the ones who tried to cover up DSS’s role in the child’s death.

OK Williams, so the DSS doesn’t do their job to protect children.  Your title says DSS Kills Four Babies.  I see only three that DSS didn’t protect but DSS didn’t actually commit murder either.  Where is the rest of the story as you would say?

Before I get to the rest of the story, let me say this in regard to your question.  Negligent homicide is the term used to describe killing someone through an act of negligence and without malice.  This means when someone dies as a result of a negligent act (or the omission of a common sense act that would have prevented the death) and the person who commits the negligent act did not intend to kill someone they are guilty of a crime against humanity.  And if this is not the law in NC, then see Senator Debbie Clary and Representatives Tim Moore and Mike Hager and have them make it a law.

Now for the fourth murder by DSS.

A woman is pregnant in one of the Counties starting with a “C” that are discussed above.  DSS has falsely taken away her other three children because she is living with a family member, not working and cannot on her own support her children.  DSS calls it “Dependency.”  So does Debbie Clary.  These laws came about during her long career in Raleigh.  DSS threatens to keep all her children unless she “pleads guilty to dependency.”   DSS make these kinds of threats all the time.  DSS takes her children anyway and keeps her under surveillance regarding the birth of her baby, which they intend to take also.  The mother is under extreme stress and her blood pressure goes up sky high.  The baby dies at birth.  Would this also be called negligent homicide?

I would say no.  Second Degree Murder is when an act which so recklessly disregards  the health and safety of others actually kills someone.  This is above and beyond negligent homicide in my opinion.  This fourth baby was a victim of second degree murder by the DSS.

That is what I would say about the deaths of these four children.  I contend DSS has gone from simple negligence of omission  to acts of reckless disregard in the deaths of these children.  What would YOU say???

Stay tuned for more examples of crime and corruption at the Department of Social Services and Child Protective Services in North Carolina and elsewhere.  If you want to play a part in protecting your children, grand children or any and all children, make sure you are registered to vote and pay attention to our articles and news analysis around election time.  You will get the “right” political information right here regarding cleaning house at DSS.

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