NC Court of Appeals Judge Race

NC Court Appeals 19

Evaluation, Recommendations and commentary by Robert A. Williams

Folks, don’t be confused by all these candidates running for this office. There are only two candidates who have any Appeals Court experience at all. John Tyson and John Arrowood. John Arrowood was the first openly gay (LBGT) person ever to serve in an elected office in North Carolina history. Arrowood’s problem is he was not elected. Arrowood was appointed by Governor Mike Easley as Easley was leaving office under a legal cloud that ended up with a felony conviction for Easley. Arrowood served about one year until the next election, which he lost. Arrowood is considered a liberal and an activist judge and the gay and lesbian crowd clearly want John Arrowood back on the NC Court of Appeals with a real election this time. Hook or crook!!!

John Tyson is a straight shooting conservative judge who believes in ruling in accordance with the laws passed by the General Assembly instead of his own political agenda. John Tyson is hated by the gay rights crowd.

So, the apparent reason for so many candidates in this race is simple. The liberal and gay activist crowd recruited candidates to siphon votes away from John Tyson and the conservative crowd, in defense, recruited candidates to siphon votes away form John Arrowood. Whoever gets the most votes wins.

Therefore our recommendation in this race is to Vote for John Tyson for NC Court of Appeals Judge on Election Day. 80% of Cleveland County should do this since that was the vote against gay marriage. For this race it is imperative to get out the vote and direct it toward John Tyson. Otherwise, if God spares North Carolina, God owes Sodom and Gomorrah an apology.

Remember, Vote for John Tyson for Appeals Court Judge on Election Day. Take plenty of people with you.

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