NC Court of Appeals Judge Race


Evaluation, Recommendations and commentary by Robert A. Williams

Bill Southern is proud to be an National Rifle Association member and says ” I believe the role of a judge is to decide cases based upon what the law is and not what [I think] the law should be.” ‘Nuff said in this race in this day in time.

Lucy Inman has been called a “fair” judge by those who believe “fair” means “liberal” and they support the gay agenda too. That’s bad. So is her endorsement by John Arrowood, the openly gay candidate for the NC Court of Appeals. Other conservative judges who endorsed Lucy Inman also think she is “fair.”

Better safe than sorry here. We recommend Vote for Bill southern for Appeals Court Judge on Election day. Take a crowd with you. Clean out and get rid of the liberals and so called “fair” judges wherever we can. The people of Cleveland County voted 80% against same sex marriage. Millions of votes across North Carolina, only to be brought down by a handful of liberal “fair” judges. These liberal “fair” judges have made sin the law of the land.

Vote Bill Southern for Appeals Court Judge on Election Day. Take a crowd with you.

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