NC Constitutional Amendment-Jury Trial Waiver For or Against

nc amendment

Evaluation, Recommendations and commentary by Robert A. Williams

The answer here is not just NO, but HELL NO !!!!!!!! Vote Against this proposed NC Constitutional Amendment. Anyone who wants to vote FOR this amendment, please give me a call. I have some prime ocean front property up above Casar that I will sell to you dummies-CHEAP !!

This Constitutional Amendment is supposed to help alleviate the jammed up courthouses all across Cleveland County and North Carolina. But, after you have done some recent court watching as I have, you come to realize that the Courtrooms are indeed jammed with people coming to the courthouse for their day in court, but not getting it. All you get is a being jammed up in court days on end because nothing is happening.

You show up in court at 9:00AM as directed. Perhaps the District Attorney calls the calendar at 9:30 or perhaps he doesn’t. The Judge comes in at 10:30 or later, calls for a lunch break at 11:30 or 12:00. Comes back in at 2:00PM-maybe. The whole place is chaos with paper shuffling and continuances. If there is a trial you will have come to court and been sent home about five times before all the paper shuffling is done and the case is ready for court. And then the DA is not fully prepared and the criminals usually walk. This is District Court.

For Superior Court with Jury trials, it’s about the same. Superior Court Dockets are usually held once a month for two weeks at a time. That’s 10 days for jury trials. Usually the first two days are spent with the DA plea bargaining so he can get out of having to try a case. Sometimes the defendant has been in jail two years or more waiting for his trial to come up. And sometimes the 10 day session goes by without trying a single jury trial. As an observer you wonder why the DA doesn’t do his plea bargaining during the two weeks when the Courts are not in session each month instead of wasting two days out of ten days each month. Or sometimes wasting the whole ten days.

Nope, the problem is not jammed up courtrooms, the problem is the chaos caused by the jammed up courthouse administration and their refusal to do better.

Then, you have to consider that the whole court room is run by lawyers. The Judge is a lawyer. The District Attorney and the Assistant District Attorney are lawyers and all the lawyers are lawyers. Often with not a drop of common sense amongst the whole crowd. The only hope of having a dose of common sense is with a jury of your peers. The citizens of the County. And these lawyers want you to give up your right to a jury and trust only them ??? It’s like an insane asylum with the patients running the show and they want you to join right in with them.

But, hey. If you want to give up the rights your forefathers fought for, go ahead. But don’t say I didn’t warn you. If you don’t believe a word that I have said, go on down to the Courthouse October 21, 2014 and watch the assault cases against Jeremy Grayson and Morgan Whitaker. Go in the courtroom about 9:00AM and wait and wait. Watch the paper shuffling. If the case does come down, watch the theatrics of Lawyers John Church and Paul Ditz.

Then go vote on Election Day. Just think, “Now I am an informed voter.” Vote against this monstrosity of a NC Constitutional amendment.

Again, we recommend voting AGAINST this constitutional amendment. Now, since you are an informed voter, you will also Vote for John Bridges for District Attorney. John Bridges is tough on crime and will cut through all the chaos at the courthouse so that no constitutional amendment is necessary in the first place.

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