NAACP Severely Scolds School Board– Protests at American League World Series are Likely!!!– Report, evaluation and analysis by Robert A. Williams

Editor’s Note: Sometimes I write an article quickly and “scoop” the Star. More often I wait a while to see what the Star management will allow their reporter to write about the story. This is because, even though the Star reporter and I are often at the very same event and see and hear exactly the same things, the Star article is very often much different than what actually occurred at the meeting. And sometimes the Star writes an editorial that adds even more propaganda to the spun up article that they wrote in the first place. And it is getting more often that the Star reporter doesn’t even show up at the meeting, but writes an article from emails sent to the Star by CCS and Commissions too.

The Star’s report and editorial on the April 27, 2015 CCS School Board meeting is a very good example. One more reminder about how many hundreds of thousands of dollars CCS has paid the Star for good press reports is at the expense of the truth.

Shelby: The CCS Board meeting information from a person that was actually there, start to finish.

The Cleveland County Schools Board of Education meeting held April 27, 2015 had all the earmarks of becoming an early evening snooze. The show and tell Pledge of Allegiance performance was lead by a group of Grover Elementary School kids. The kids and their parents left as soon as that was over, but not before Board member Shearra Miller (who is up for re-election this year) had the kids read the bracelet that the school board gave them. It read “We believe in Cleveland County Schools.” This is an obvious election year campaign slogan for the five incumbent |Board members; Shearra Miller, Richard Hooker, Roger Harris, Jerry Hoyle and Jack Hamrick, paid for by the taxpayers. I suppose I should report this to the Cleveland County Board of Elections as this may very well be an illegal campaign donation from CCS, at taxpayer expense, to the incumbent board members. Also, this is kind of like the State of the District meetings held all over Cleveland County in March by the CCS staff trying to convince everybody what a good job CCS, and the CCS Board, is doing this election year.

Then, for the Board’s cowardly insistence not to have a Prayer to start their business, a standup moment of silence was ordered in honor of Assistant Superintendent Dr. William C. Dixon, Jr. who passed away unexpectedly the Friday before this meeting (April 24, 2015).

There was a bit of excitement when citizen (and most likely an unannounced School Board Candidate as he has opened a Political Campaign Committee account at the Cleveland County Board of Elections) Robert Queen, during the three minute public participation limit, noted that:
1. It would be desirable for CCS to hire a new principle for Crest High School who would stick around for at least four years.
2. Noted that the Board violated state law when they voted to contract with Dixon, Hughes, Goodman to perform the CCS annual audit. Which, according to Finance Director David Lee was $1,400 more than the same audit last year. But Lee didn’t have the actual cost for last year. Which meant all the Board, except Danny Blanton, voted for a sole source contract not knowing the cost. What a bunch of dummies!!! When will this rubber stamp school board crowd ever learn???
3. Reminded the Board that their own policy states that cell phones must be turned off at school during instructional periods. This was in regard to the criminal use of cell phones at Burns Middle School and other schools within the CCS district.

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