My Comments to the Townhall Meeting #1 on CCS Improvement

My Comments to the Townhall Meeting #1 on CCS Improvement
By Robert A. Williams

To Whom it may concern:

I have attended CCS school board meetings, submitted 18 Freedom of Information Request Submittals to CCS, spoken to the School Board at their Meetings under Citizens Participation, sent emails to CCS Board members providing suggestions and advice (especially on how to recruit a new Superintendent) and wrote and published many articles about issues and problems at CCS. One thing in common about all of this is the CCS Board has basically ignored everything, denied everything, refused to admit there are any problems or just said and done nothing–or close to nothing.

About the only thing that I can see that the CCS Board implemented from all of this was that they are required to recite in their motion to go into closed session the chapter and verse of the North Carolina General Statutes that apply to the specific purpose of going into Closed Session. I advised them by email that if they did not follow that law explicitly, what they did behind closed doors could be more easily overturned by the Courts. The Superintendent must have consulted the CCS attorney about this and made sure they strictly followed that law before going behind closed doors to select the new Superintendent. From that controversial selection process, perhaps I should not have told them about that law.

During my extended and detailed research on CCS I also discovered that the CCS “Board Goals” as posted prominently on their website are in many cases too generic to follow in any measurable manner, outdated and not consistent with what most Cleveland County citizens expect the CCS Board to actually do. I suspect the existing Board Goals were developed for the purpose of posting something on the website and no attention was ever paid to those original goals. So, I took it upon myself to develop a revised draft of those Board Goals in such a manner in which, if followed in detail, would tend to eliminate a number of the various issues and problems at CCS as well as provide a better program and process for ranking teachers and educating our children. Of course revising Board Policies to implement revised Board Goals would also be necessary.

I have provided copies of a draft of my suggested 2014 Revised Board Goals for consideration by the sponsors of this Townhall meeting for providing input to the CCS Board of Education. Of course this draft could easily be modified to include anything else the Townhall sponsors come up with from this meeting.

I especially thank Mr. Danny Blanton, Mr. Robert Queen. Landmark Baptist Church and the other sponsors of this Townhall meeting for the opportunity to make public the ideas and suggestions of concerned citizens, parents and teachers for improvement of our school processes that have been previously ignored by the present majority on the CCS Board of Education. Hopefully my suggestions as noted herein and attached will be a helpful step forward in this regard.

Robert A. Williams

Editor’s Note: This will be submitted to the Townhall Meeting sponsors and staff for use as they see fit. The draft Board Goals (working copy) and final draft are also attached. Click on the links provided to view those documents.

Board Goals-2014 Draft w-o track changes

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