Mrs. Phillip Glover Joins the Prayer Fray- -Bad Politics all Around for the Glover Family!!!– Report By Robert A. Williams

Just when you thought you had heard it all, you realize you haven’t. First, Phillip Glover-Chairman of the Cleveland County School Board, pulls off one of the most stupid political maneuvers in Cleveland County government history. Glover leads the fight against Prayer by the incumbent school board candidates, right in front of 400-500 mortified and insulted Christian witnesses at the October 12, 2015 School Board Meeting. And he was even more stupid about the way he did it. Most folks think Phillip Glover should resign from the School Board. I think he should be thrown off the school board before he has the chance to resign.

Then, the very next day, Chairman Glover contacts Crest Middle School Principal Amy Jones and orders her to move his child out from the class of Mrs. Rit Varriale undoubtedly because Mrs. Varriale’s husband among others had spoken before the School Board in favor of Prayer. Glover was cutting off his nose to spite his face because Mrs. Varriale is probably one of the best teachers at Crest Middle School. Maybe THE best. Also, there was some sort of email generated that disparaged Mrs. Varriale and got circulated about all this.

Then the next day after that, Phillip Glover himself goes to Crest Middle School and accosts Mrs. Varriale at school threatening some sort of a lawsuit. Glover allegedly threatens everybody in the world with a lawsuit if the name of his child is mentioned anywhere and in anyway. I would have to say that I would certainly print Mr. Glover’s child’s name if it shows up on any lawsuit filed in Cleveland County. Lawsuits are public records and Phillip Glover is not the King of the World. Whether Phillip Glover thinks so or not.

Now, the word is out in the community that Mrs. Phillip Glover accosts Joel Shores in public at the Livermush Festival this past Saturday and demands to know “What are YOU trying to do to US?” Joel Shores is a Captain in the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Department and one of the founders of the Cleveland County Christian Law Enforcement Association. The CCLEA letter posted on Facebook requesting Christians to come to the October 12, 2015 School Board meeting in favor of Prayer is credited with the 400-500 turnout of Christians that has all of Cleveland County abuzz. Especially since the School Board voted 7-2 against Prayer right in front of all these good Christians. Only board members Danny Blanton and Donnie Thurman, Jr. voted for prayer.

It is uncertain what Officer Shores may have replied to Mrs. Glover. It is also uncertain what Mrs. Glover meant when she said “US.” Did she mean just her family or has she taken the approach of her husband, Phillip Glover, that US means all the school board who she thinks her husband controls?

All I know is that it is a shame that Mrs. Glover has interjected herself into CCS school board dirty politics. I have made no attempt to interview Mrs. Glover about this and don’t intend to in the future. My understanding is Mrs. Glover may also be a teacher at CCS and I hope without special privileges since her husband to the Chairman of the Board.

My position on the school board election on November 3, 2015 is simple. I recommend voting Robert Queen, Bill Gray, Nikki Ledford, Hal Hastings and George Falls into the five positions on the school board that are available this election. This would most likely strip Phillip Glover of his chairmanship as well as turning the whole CCS Board onto the right direction of properly educating our children, demanding fiduciary responsibility, reducing waste and making fair employment and personnel decisions. Among other good things. One has to wonder why this has NOT been going on all along at CCS. But it hasn’t.

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