Moving forward does not mean that we surrender from our investigation

Statement by Robert A. Williams

[I am not the only one reporting on the facts about the Cleveland County Board of Education and their lack of leadership and continued scandals and cover-up.]

I read with interest, in the Shelby Star, an article that highlighted the presentation by Cleveland County School Superintendent, Dr. Bruce Boyles. This presentation was a rebuttal to some “misinformation”, as labeled by said superintendent. He says it’s time to move forward. Carry on, sir. There’s nothing standing in your way. But, we still have questions that need answers. This will be very brief.

Your claim:

Boyles also addressed charges to the Cleveland County Country Club.

“There has been a false impression that we had people going to the country club every day,” Boyles said. “We used the country club for events, such as the Teacher of the Year breakfast and end of year banquets, before we had the LeGrand Center and central services (building)

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