More School Scandal–Pay Off Money to Keep Quiet???– Report by Robert A. Williams

If you happened to waste your time attending the School Board Candidate forum at Cleveland Community College on October 19, 2015 or watched the CCC forum on Channel 19 or listened to School Board member Jerry Hoyle at the phony Tea Party Forum on October 20; you would have heard each of the four incumbent school board members Jerry Hoyle, Roger Harris, Shearra Miller and Richard Hooker tell the same old tall tale about how the CCS credit card scandal was resolved. They said they had:
1. Followed the State Auditors Recommendations. They did not.
2. Hired an internal auditor to look into the issue. They ordered the new internal auditor not to look an any of the questionable credit card charges.
3. Hired an external auditor who had cleared them of any problems. They sent the external auditors hand selected information that they knew didn’t have problems.
4. Claimed they have implemented new policies to prevent any more abuse of credit cards, when they did no such thing.

Now they say there are no more problems with the procurement systems at CCS. But it is what they didn’t say is what is important. What they didn’t tell the citizens of Cleveland County is that the same people who were running the credit card approval processes when all the identified problems were taking place are still running the credit card approval process.

Read the new series of articles by Hal Trammell of Shelby Action News, news that I have incorporated into my news reports to remind you of all the procurement problems that was found in our review of the limited documents CCS would allow us to have. It is our understanding that CCS would not release more documents because most of the incriminating documents were shredded, undoubtedly by the very same people who have created the problem then covered it up.

But, there are a few things I haven’t said in regard to the procurement scandal at CCS that I am about to say right now.

The fact is I get messages, calls and verbal conversations all the time about bad things that happen at Cleveland County Schools. I am told that CCS teachers and employees are afraid for their jobs if they speak up. I am told by people I know and trust that they will not discuss things that they know because their children either work at CCS or are students at CCS and they are afraid of retaliation. I believe these people but cannot directly prove with written evidence what they say is correct. But the fact is I have been told this information and I believe it.

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