More JOBS !!! The Truth be told by Robert A. Williams

A recent Shelby Star Headline stated “County unemployment rate keeps falling.” That means more jobs for Cleveland County, right???

WRONG !!! A closer look at the fine print shows a much different story. The whole jobs and unemployment scenario is phony. Unemployment rates are not based on there being more workers than jobs. The “rate” is NOT based on those workers who don’t have jobs as related to the overall number of workers. Nor is it about jobs or workers.

“Well, Williams, just how are the actual unemployment rate figured?” All right, first look for some common sense. Like if there were 100 workers and 75 jobs. Twenty-five workers out of 100 workers without jobs would be 25% unemployment. If you look around a little, you would find that 25% unemployment would be just about the true unemployment rate in Cleveland County currently.

But nooo, that is not even close to the truth about Cleveland County’s unemployment rate of 12.5% as reported by the County Employment folks, Skippy Foster and the Shelby Daily Liar. They are not even close to the Common Sense truth of the matter. The State figures unem- ployment based on the number of workers that APPLY for Unemployment Benefits; i.e. checks.

If you use the Common Sense example above with 100 workers, it goes like this: if there are 100 jobs and nobody is without a job, the unemploy- ment rate is Zero via the Common Sense way AND the County way. Now, if 25 workers are laid off and all 25 workers apply for unemployment checks, the unemployment rate is 25% via both ways. If NO jobs are available in Cleveland County and unemployment benefits run out, 25 workers are still unemployed but none can apply for any more unemployment checks. The Common Sense way says the unemployment rate, based on 25 workers out of work, is still 25%. But the County and Skippy would say the unemployment rate had dropped to ZERO!

Bottom line is Skippy and his “County unemployment rate keeps falling” story is hokum. These “falling unemployment rates” are not based on more jobs coming to Cleveland County to provide work for Cleveland County Workers. No, the story was just to sell newspapers to people who are trying to make it through the hard times. Bottom line for unemployed workers is to stop fooling themselves by reading the Shelby Daily Liar and to look for jobs somewhere else besides Cleveland County.

And besides, Skippy knew the headlines in the printed edition were false and were only meant to catch the eye of people desperate for jobs. Skippy don’t care for the truth when he can sell lies. In his free Internet, Star Online, the headlines for this story were “County unemployment rate released: How did Cleveland County fare?” And, of 5 out of 5 comments, nobody believed Skippy’s story.