Moral Monday Announcement NAACP to File Lawsuit Against Cleveland County Board of Elections

Reported by Robert A Williams

Don’t ask me to explain why the Shelby Star forgot to mention in their report on the Moral Monday Rally at the old Courthouse on September 8, 2014 that the North Carolina NAACP State President, the Rev. William Barber, announced that the NAACP legal staff would be tasked with filing a lawsuit against the Cleveland County Board of Elections. The lawsuit will be focused on voting precinct changes and perhaps other issues related to the Cleveland County Board of Elections. A clip of Rev. Barber’s statement is shown below. Unlike a minute or so of the Star’s video, the whole video of the Moral Monday Rally can be found at CCNC-Online . Check out the whole rally video to see all of the stuff the Star has left out.

It is also noted that in the Cleveland County Board of Elections Board Meeting held July 8, 2014 several NAACP members presented information to the CCBOE in regard to the proposed precinct changes. The Board of Elections Chairman, Wayne King, and Board member, Alan Langley, made rebuttal statements to the NAACP members that were appalling to anybody that knows anything about race relations in Cleveland County. A link is included below with a partial recording of those conversations by King and Langley. Gasps of disbelief can be heard in the recordings. Also note that I have filed a Freedom of Information Act requests for the official BOE recording of the meeting and was refused a copy until I threatened legal action of my own against the CCBOE. CCBOE Attorney Bob Yelton assures me that the official copy of the BOE recording will be provided to me September 10, 2014. When that bit of public information is provided to me, I will share it with the citizens of Cleveland County.

[Ed: full audio is now below]

Other highlights of the Moral Monday Rally held September 8, 2014

• The opening prayer of the Rally was delivered by Rector Valori Mulvey Sherer of the Episcopal Church of the Redeemer, Shelby, NC. Rev. Mulvey-Sherer is widely known for her Gay Pride Picnic earlier this year that caused such a stir.
• An illegal alien spoke at the rally complaining that she is not allowed to vote.
• Dean Westmoreland, former Chairman of the Cleveland County Democrat Party spoke at the rally. Pay attention to the Video on CCNC Online to hear what Mr. Westmoreland has to say.
• A quick search of records involving the Moral Monday entourage indicates several of Rev. Barber’s associates have criminal records. Records like Breaking and Entering, assault, bank fraud, etc. Charges that certainly would not be associated with civil disobedience protests by honorable persons.
• Others report that a white man in a yellow tee shirt and carrying a pistol at the Moral Monday Rally asked a man taking a video of the event “are you a journalist?” The man taking the video said yes and the armed man walked on. Other people taking pictures and attending the event were asked why they were at the event and who are you taking pictures for. One of Rev. Barber’s assistants covered his face when he saw a camera pointed toward him. That assistant was identified later an one of the Barber entourage with a criminal record.

Editor’s Notes:
1. The Moral Monday group’s support of the gay and lesbian agenda will not resonate in Cleveland County since the vote on the gay marriage amendment was 80# against gay marriage the county. We do not agree with Rev. Barber’s statements that the Bible verses condemning homosexual acts are misinterpreted.
2. We do not agree that illegal aliens should be allowed to vote. Be believe that attempts of illegals to vote justify the picture ID requirement for voting that will be enforced in 2016 will weaken any NAACP lawsuit to remove the picture ID requirements.
3. We do not agree with revising history as noted in item four of the Moral Monday’s 14 point agenda (attached). Also, the 1979 “Greensboro Massacre was not a race based issue as the members of the Ku Klux Klan and the Communist Worker’s Party members that were killed were all members of the white race. All KKK members were acquitted in Federal Court for their actions in 1979.
4. As for other items in the Moral Monday’s 14 point agenda: we disagree with race based quotas on hiring and education, we disagree with trying to revise history, we disagree with giving legal and financial rights to illegal immigrants who refuse to follow immigration and other laws, we support the death penalty, we support education and fixing the broken judicial system, we disagree with carelessly and foolishly making military decisions just because the President made them.
5. We share the dismay of the NAACP with the disgraceful statements made July 8, 2014 by Board of Elections Board members Wayne King and Alan Langley.
6. We support the NAACP’s right to file a lawsuit against the Cleveland County Board of Elections. We also support and urge the CCBOE properly defend their decisions in Court and urge them NOT to make out of court agreements. We remember the fiasco regarding the NAACP Federal Lawsuit of about 20 years ago that resulted is a reversal in the US Court of Appeals.

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