Lots to “Hate” in Cleveland County Government !!!– Gender Fluidity Being Taught in our Schools???– Report, evaluation and conclusions by Robert A. Williams

The Bible teaches not to hate. Not to hate an individual sinner (and we are all sinners), but to love them. The Bible says to “hate the sin, love the sinner.” That is actually a pretty simple concept that many gay agenda nitwits try to turn around to say Christians are haters. Tain’t so. Don’t let anybody try to put that kind of stupid guilt trip on you when you speak out against sin, government waste, fraud and lying politicians.

Now what kinds of sin do we have in Cleveland County government? Well, to start with, we have the Ten Commandment kind of sins. For government, thou shalt not steal (overly tax to compensate for waste and fraud) and thou shalt not bear false witness (Lie) comes to mind. That is not what this article is all about. We will cover that in other articles.

The Seven Deadly sins also comes to mind. Those sins are wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy and gluttony. There are instances when all seven apply in some fashion, combination or another to some improper and bad government actions. Sloth comes to mind the most as government jobs are sometimes thought as ideal for the lazy. But, we know that all other “sins” are found intertwined into various bad government practices. The IRS getting mad at conservative groups and denying them their rights to file for certain categories of tax status. Lust (traditional lust is between a man and a woman; girl crushing is between two women); our government is full of that right down to and especially at the local level. But that is also not the basis of this article and those instances will be dealt with in other articles.

The Bible also says homosexuality is an abomination (a sin) and God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah because of it. Condoning homosexuality is, I believe, just as much of a sin as being homosexual yourself. The Bible is clear on this and all the so called “gay rights” groups yelling and screaming about “equality,” “love” and “God made me this way” does not make homosexuality right. God’s Word is written in the Bible for all to see. And please do not be taken in by the new false version of the Bible printed up by the gay rights crowd that is called the “Queen James Version.” An unnamed group of gay rights so called scholars supposedly re-translated the old Greek version of the Bible to change the wording in the verses dealing with homosexuality. The gay rights crowd will stop at nothing to take you to Hell with them. According to reports the Cleveland County Government agencies are full of the sin of homosexuality (especially lesbians).

At this point let me also state that the people of Cleveland County, including myself, voted 80% to make gay marriage illegal and unconstitutional in the North Carolina Constitution. 80% despite the Shelby Star pushing people to vote for gay marriage and somebody putting out rumors that the words on the ballot were tricky and if you voted against gay marriage, you were actually voting FOR gay marriage. Despite all of that, 80% of Cleveland County still voted against gay marriage, which means 20% or less of Cleveland County want anything to do with gay marriage and the homosexuality associated with it being legalized in Cleveland County.

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