Letters to the Editor: Reason for the National Debt-Forth Branch of Government— the DSS !!!

Letters to the Editor

Reason for the National Debt-Forth Branch of Government— the DSS !!!

Dear Editor:

I am writing this Letter to the Editor because of concern over the power the Swain County Department of Social Services (DSS) has or seems to believe they have.  I am writing this from personal experience in one of the cases referenced in this letter, as well as knowledge of other, similar cases.

Let me start by giving you a few “facts” about the particular case discussed in this letter.  I used “facts” in quotation marks because that’s a very loose term when it comes to the investigating DSS actually conducts. They have not conducted any investigation into the allegations of abuse raised in this case, specifically; witnesses have not been talked to regarding what they may or may not have witnessed as it relates to the allegations, recommendations of professionals who actually have the credentials and certifications to evaluate and assess the psychological state of the individuals in this case are disregarded, and others who have first-hand knowledge of the family in this case have not been contacted by DSS (at least not the individuals from the “other side of the story”).

Yet, DSS can rule it’s an unsafe home and environment and actually require the custodial parent to place the minor children in kinship placement. Not only can the allegations in this particular case not be substantiated, but can actually be refuted if the DSS would actually investigate the allegations. Is there a particular reason why an actual investigation hasn’t been conducted; are they unable or unwilling to look at both sides of the story? These are questions we should all be asking.

From my personal experiences and observations in this particular case, the DSS case workers and supervisors have personal agendas and vendettas against the one party in this case.  They choose to listen only to one side, which happens to be a “Community Partner” of the Swain County DSS, according to their own website.  Isn’t this a conflict of interest?  How about DSS case workers coercing stories from minor children to get the hypothesis they are looking for; sending unethical text messages to minor children filling their heads with inaccurate information? DSS will dictate what therapist you use, where your required classes are administered for the sole purpose of accessing your confidential information and assessments.  How much information would you like DSS to know about you?

I can provide example after example where fathers have been treated differently than mothers in Swain County.  The Law does not discriminate against one parent over the other, however; the Swain County DSS appears to.  Cases involving fathers with primary or full custody are under additional scrutiny, more than mothers. Do you really think the courts would give fathers primary or full custody of their children if there wasn’t some really good reason why the mothers are not capable of adequately caring and providing for their children?

Instances can be provided where fathers have asked DSS to investigate the mothers of their children for drug use, abandonment, and abuse however DSS fails to investigate the claims. But, any allegation against a father is moved to the top of the case load because DSS deems them guilty; without actually conducting any investigation in the matter. Or releasing children to known and verified drug addict parents without requiring drug testing. Try having a troubled child who needs help and you are providing the help through therapy, classes, etc., instead, DSS condemns you when your style differs from their text book definitions. Shouldn’t DSS be part of the solution, partnering and provided needed services to families in need?

This particular case has a judge’s ruling lifting certain legal restrictions in this case, however, according to at least one of the six different case workers who have been involved in this case, the DSS supersedes any judge’s decision and they can act above the law.  I didn’t realize when our Founding Father’s established the framework for our wonderful nation, they established four branches of the government – Legislative, Executive, Judicial and the Department of Social Services.  At what point will the governing body – the DSS board and the Department of Health and Human Services realize the abuse of power these local departments are exhibiting.  When will the citizens/tax payers these individuals are hired to “…provide preventive, supportive and restorative services…” realize their rights and civil liberties can be violated on nothing more than an unfounded, unsubstantiated and unproven allegation

Does Swain County’s elected officials need to act within it’s power provided by North Carolina State law to disband the local DSS board for lack of oversight for DSS employee misconduct and unethicial practices, as did McDowell County; or will there be a lawsuit against the DSS Director and the case workers involved, as in Cleveland County.  There are examples just like these throughout this State, we have serious issues within the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services. What is the real issue here – abuse of power, unqualified employees, political pressures, etc.? It’s time the citizens and tax payers wake up, pay attention and demand their voices be heard and theirs rights protected and restored! Our children deserve this!

How can DSS come in and act as if they rule your home; creating pain, suffering and distress; creating a socialist society? Google “DSS abuse of power”. You may be surprised and horrified by what you find.

That’s enough for now…next time we can explore other areas of DSS; including failure to collect delinquent child support payments from deadbeat parents!

A good Citizen

(Name withheld by request

Editor’s Note:  This letter is not an overstatement.  I just learned at the September 17, 2013 Cleveland County Commissioner’s meeting that the DSS has ramped up taking children, putting them into Foster homes, then collecting Federal money for re-unifying the children with their parents.  It is happening all the time everywhere.  Children are just commodities to be bought and sold by the DSS.

 You have got to give DDS credit though.  They can always find a way to suck up every penny of funding no matter how many lives they destroy and then turn around and brag about how good a job they are doing.  And if they only had just a little more resources (money) they could do so much more.  DSS and the liberals they are lying to never remember that DSS has been given much more money over the years and the problems with society have increased exponentially.  If you look closely, you can calculate that if DSS had never been funded in the first place and this money had never been spent (wasted), there would not be a National Debt now and society would be much better off for it.

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